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Name YouTubers Life Mod APK
ID com.uplayonline.youtubers
Publisher Modapk
MOD Features Simulation
Version 1.6.5
Size 475 MB
Price FREE

Youtubers Life MOD APK  is the world’s biggest video streaming platform and there is no doubt about this. Millions of people watch YouTube videos every day, every second. Some of the famous videos on YouTube have billions of views which are monetizable and the creators are earning through it. YouTube is well-known for making videos, shorts and then monetizing them after fulfilling the criteria.

YouTubers Life Mods is the same sort of application which has been launched in partnership with YouTube. The developers brought this new application with other features that are even more exciting than YouTube. It is specially designed for users who want to create a gaming channel on YouTube.

YouTube Life Mods is an application where you can create your own character to present in front of your YouTube videos. It allows you to gain fans and build your own community on this platform. There is so much more which you can learn and do by becoming a part of this amazing platform.

Let’s have a look at all the features of this application which you must know in order to invest your time into it. Below are the definitions of different versions, features, pros and cons, and frequently asked questions about YouTubers Life Mods that you must know as a user.

What is the YouTubers Life APK?

This one is the plain version of this application that allows the users to create a YouTube channel, do the live streams and also create their own character for their live streaming channel. They can make a lot of money doing this easily because this app is designed to fulfill this purpose. Let’s head towards the other details of this application with the further headings in this article.

What are YouTubers’ Life Mods?

The YouTubers Life Mods is an application that provides you with an opportunity to create your own YouTube channel, build an official character of your own by designing it the way you like. You can have live streams on your channel and connect with your fans so easily. This application is used by those YouTubers who have tried their luck on YouTube and now to give something unique they joined YouTubers Life Mods.

Unlimited money is given to the users or creators in this application so that they can make as many purchases. This app is so fun and exciting that every YouTuber would want to try it as it’s available for absolutely no charges at all.

Create gaming channel

You can create a gaming channel on this platform so easily. If you love to play games and want to do it live with your fans, then this is your chance to do it now. It is so easy and you can play your game in front of millions of people in the live stream with this application.

Build your own character

You will be able to build your own animated character that looks like you. This character will be used in your YouTube videos as your representation. You are all free to style your character and do different customizations in its looks and attire.

Do live streams

There is an option in this application to do as many live streams as you want. There is no restriction to do a fewer number of lives in a single day. You have got the option to do it a number of times in a single day.

Earn money

The videos you are posting on your channel are 100% monetizable If you follow the criteria and terms given by the platform. In this way there is no doubt that you can’t earn from this application. You can definitely earn a lot of money depending upon the audience you have built, the number of subscribers and the views you are getting on your videos.

Win more fans

This platform is crazy in terms of gaining fans. Your content can bring you a lot of traffic and hundreds and thousands of loyal fans. Therefore there are a lot of chances to get so many fans quickly.

Launch your own merchandise

You can launch your own merch to your audience if you want to earn more through this platform. You can openly promote your merch and sell the products to your fans from your YouTube channel. Indeed it is the best way to increase your income.

Complete the quests

You can complete the daily quests too in this application to succeed in the new challenges. It will lead you to more rewards, opportunities and better reach as a YouTuber.

Unlimited Money

You will be able to get a lot of money in this mod version so that you can make a number of in-app purchases. In-app purchases are costly sometimes and you may need to use your own money for it. But this version provided unlimited money to get all the locked items for free.


Realistic experience of the Youtube community

  • Tests creativity, time management, and budgeting
  • Fun and interactive, while testing your cognitive skills too
  • Helps polish the basics of content creation, self development, and Youtube itself
  • Exceptional high defination graphics making the entire experience ten times more realistic, almost as if you are actually a part of the Youtube community
  • The application size is relatively small so it will not take up too much space in your mobile device
  • The systems of the game run smoothly without any lagging or glitches
  • The application runs on all software’s, Android and iOS
  • The game interface is extremely user friendly
  • Completely free, you will not have to spend a single penny out of your own pocket to soak in this escapade


⦁ Might not excite every user
⦁ Lesser features as compared to YouTube


Create your own avatar, you can create your own look alike and have complete control over what your character will look like and what he/she will wear throughout the game, adding in your own personal touch

  • Create your own channel; you will have to create your channel which is dedicated to a certain theme of your preference. It can be anything you are interested in such as cooking, sports, or anything that spikes your imagination
  • Content creation, create videos that will engage viewers
  • Generate a large number of subscribers to earn large amounts of money. You will use the money you gain, throughout the game, for the personal and professional needs such as food or buying camera equipment to produce high quality content
  • 3D simulation game which incorporates real life duties such as having a positive social life, making friends and strong relationships, and many other day to day things that make this game extremely realistic
  • Detailed instructions and suggestions throughout the game to help you be a strong influencer and a great Youtubers Life Mod Apk
  • Top down view and HD graphics make the experience more accurate, wholesome and perfect
  • New channel options, giving you wider range of channel themes and options to pick from
  • Enjoy the luxuries of free shopping without having to worry about over spending or where the money is coming from
  • High quality sounds

How to Download Youtubers Life Mod Apk

Step 1) Locate the link that you want to download on the Google Play online and click on it so
that it can be saved to your digital device

Step 2) While downloading make sure to accept any conformation messages that are
displayed before you

Step 3) Shortly after 1-2 minutes, depending on your internet connection, you will receive a
message asking you to install the game, do so by clicking install or yes

Step 4) if you are stopped with another conformation message; proceed by pushing the
option which states yes

Step 5) Lastly, what you will have to do is, to make the game work in a more efficient
manner, move the folder to the Android file which is located in the Sd Card folder

Step 6) Launch the application and feel the rush of being a real life Youtuber


YouTubers Life Mods is the best platform if you run a gaming channel and want to grow more. You will have a defined animated character of your own, with the access of live chats during streaming and so much more. Users who are so excited for this application will see how beneficial it is if they want to connect with their fans directly.

Please make sure to leave your feedback in the comment section after you download and use this application for a while. We highly await and appreciate the response of our readers who take their time to read on our website.


Q. Can I directly download Youtubers Life Mod Apk from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store?

No, you cannot download Youtuber’s Life from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store because it is only available online through the internet in the form of a file, the file format can be downloaded the procedure stated above.

Q. What is the file size for Youtubers Life Mod Apk?

The application is around 34 MB’s

Q. What are the new features in Youtubers Life Mod Apk?

You can create your own avatar and dress them up in free clothing; you get unlimited choices for clothes in this version. Moreover, in this version there are more options in terms of themes of Youtube channels

Q. What is the size of YouTubers’ Life Mods?

The size of YouTubers Life Mods is 497 MBs.

Q. Who is the developing partner of YouTubers Life Mods?

YouTube is the developing partner of this application as it launched this application as a new platform for the gaming enthusiasts.

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