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Name YouTube Vanced MOD APK
Publisher Modapk
MOD Features Video Players & editor
Version 17.03.38
Size 73.66 MB
Price FREE

YouTube Vanced MOD APK is the most famous app all over the world, there is not a single person nowadays who doesn’t use this app. The app has introduced its premium version too which has more amazing features but you have to purchase the app to use those features.

With the rise in the usage of social media platforms, there are some websites and apps that are being used frequently and have significant place on the internet. Most of the websites are used to promote businesses, some people use them for fun and lift their moods up when feeling low. If you are in search of such websites or apps, Youtube Vanced MOD APK is one app that has almost all the qualities.

This app has unlimited videos on every topic and it shows hundreds of results within seconds after you write the name of your required topic. A lot of things are happening at the same time and people are getting profits and expanding work by just even using youtube. You can make creative content and upload it on youtube or if you like watching creative videos you can watch them too which means both parties can benefit from this single app.

In this application you can now change the theme which is the most needed feature for teenagers especially. The app has finally started supporting dark mode so you can easily use this app in dark.The app has also skipped the ads which means you cannot see any ad in this premium version.

You must be interested in knowing such a multifunctional app, if yes then you should read this article further.

What is YouTube Apk?

This app is mostly used for watching videos, movies, cartoons and for listening to songs. There are many more things you can do on this app, this is the most liked app by the world.You can also do your earnings through this app but for this you need to make hard efforts.

What is YouTube Vanced Mod Apk

YouTube has now finally launched the premium version in which they have all those features which people are asking for. The best feature of this app is background video playing, Mod version has these options for totally free.

Download Youtube Vanced APK

You can download this app on your smartphone and also this can be used on PC or tablet too. This app is one hundred percent free to download on any device that has internet access. 20% of features are not allowed to be used in this version but still this one is worth the download.

Download Youtube Vanced MOD APK

This is one of the greatest and beneficial apps one can have because it has all the topics of the world in it and all subjects are available for free. You can search a single word and get hundreds of related videos on it. All types of music, cooking, games related videos, life hacks and the list goes on, are accessible on this app. The modified version of this app is free to download from the website and has all the locked features unlocked.

Save Offline

The app for videos now has the option of saving offline. In back times you can only have access to this app when you have Internet available. But now this app has updated its features and made the save offline feature available which you will love so much.In this app now you can download the video you want to watch so that you can also watch them when you don’t have an Internet connection. But remember those videos need another download after every 30 days.

Earn Through YouTube

This app also gives you a chance to earn real money which will make you more independent. You just have to create your channel on YouTube and make that channel reach a specific limit of subscribers decided by YouTube.Then you can put ads on your channel from which you can make money. But if you want more and more subscribers on your channel, you want to make efforts and give time to your channel by improving your silly mistakes.

HD Quality Videos

HD quality in videos is the most demanding thing by the users, because no one likes videos with low video quality. So in this app you can enjoy your videos on upto 720p quality which is such a clear resolution.If the users have a good Internet then they won’t face any kind of quality problems in this app.

Watch Later

This app has another feature which is called watch later, if you are running out of storage and you cannot download videos anymore then you can use this. In this feature you can move the videos you wanted to watch in another folder which is watch later.This will save your videos in that folder so you don’t have to find them but to watch those videos you must have an Internet connection.

Easy To Use

This app is extremely easy to use even if you are using it for the first time, you won’t feel uncomfortable while using it. Applications that are easy to use attract users more, that’s why it has uncountable downloads on google playstore.

Free To Download

Downloading this leading app Google Play is utterly free to use and you have to pay nothing in return of all the benefits this app gives you. Download this app now and enjoy watching unlimited videos for free.

Educational Videos

This app can be used for educational purposes also and a vast range of videos on each topic is available within seconds. People these days are taking tuitions on youtube and scoring good grades with the help of this amazing app.

Dark Mode

Dark mode is available in top rated apps these days and this app is one the most used apps in the whole worldwide. This mode is made to protect the eyes of the users and people feel comfortable while using dark mode.

Background Play

This is the most used app for videos in the world, the users of this app always wanted this background play feature. So now in the premium version they have made this feature available in which you can play videos even if you don’t have the app opened.But this needs in-app purchases because this is a premium feature. The Mod version allows you to avail this feature for free.

Theme Change

Since every app is now available in both day and night mode, everyone is also asking for dark mode on this app.The premium version of this app is giving the facility in which we can change the theme of our app means that you will have two themes day and night mode which you can change. Mod versions is allowing you to use this for free

Skip Ads in Videos

So the ads we all get in between the videos is the most hated thing of this application. So this premium version has skipped all the ads but you have to pay for this version. So why don’t you download the Mod version which will give you these features for free.

Speedup Videos

As youtube has different resolutions of videos and you can watch at your desired quality. Same like that you can speedup or speed down the videos. There are 4-5 options of different speeds available that help to watch the videos even more.

Massive community

The community this app has is immense and uncountable. Almost every phone has this app installed. You can join the community as a viewer or you can make your own youtube channel to spread the creative content you want to.

Ads Free

The modified version of this app is entirely free of ads that was once a problem with the older version. Thankfully this app does not have those pop-up ads that most of the apps have.


Youtube Vanced MOD APK is one of the finest apps working these days and giving benefits to its users since the start. One can use this app for educational purposes, for business, for creating content and for many other reasons too. The huge community of this app and the number of downloads in google playstore tells how significant this app is and at the same time its very addictive too. If you want to know more and explore more about this efficient app then you should download it right now and start using it.This app is the most used video app in the world, you can get every video in this app. This app has so many facilities for its users and the premium version will give you advanced features which you can use for free in the Mod version


Q. What is the size of Youtube Vance MOD APK?

The size of this amazingly beneficial app is just 73 MBs which is no doubt the best and reasonable too.

Q. Can we use other apps too while using Youtube Vanced MOD APK?

Yes! You can definitely use another app or reply to any message that comes on any other app while using Youtube Vanced MOD APK and the background music won’t stop.

Q. What is the special feature of YouTube Vanced?

Background play is the most liked feature of this app.

Q. Is YouTube Vanced Mod Apk safe to download?

Yes this is safe to download.

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