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Name Xciptv MOD APK
ID com.nathnetwork.xciptv
Publisher Modapk
MOD Features Entertainment
Version 6.0
Size 80 MB
Price FREE

There is a video player in every device even on the smart TV but if you want some extraordinary features then you should get XCIPTV MOD APK app. It is a vhttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nathnetwork.xciptvideo player that provides you with a lot of entertainment as well. You can connect any of your online streaming apps with it and watch your favourite movies and series in great quality. You can apply the VPN connection to unblock any website and you can even listen to Radio and watch live sports on it.

There is also a podcast option that will provide you with a lot of entertainment and awareness. If you like to watch some movies again and again then you can mark them as your favourite and access them easily.

We all need a multimedia player in our device to watch our favourite movies in great quality. There are a lot of Online streaming apps but they do not provide you with the required quality and that’s why we have to download the multimedia player so that we can customise the picture quality. XCIP TV is one of those apps that provides a lot of options to modify the multimedia player in which you watch your movies and series.

It also provides you with a VPN connection so that you can access all those online streaming apps that are not available in your region. There is also a live TV option available that will help you to watch the live matches.

Get Xciptv APK Now!

You can use Xciptv as a media player and an entertainment platform because it does not only provide you with the enhancement of different movies but there is also an entertainment tap that will provide you with different podcasts, short movies and even documentaries. There is a VPN section available that will help you to change your location so that you can easily unblock all the websites. You can even listen to Radio with the help of this media player.

Features of Xciptv APK

Easy to use

Xciptv APK is very easy to use. You can see all the different categories on your screen once you open the app and if you want to change the settings, you can click on the settings tab and to record the movie, you can click on the record option.

Various themes

There are various themes available in this app that will help you to change the interface of this app. In this way, you can colourise the interface and can even go for the dark theme.

Customisations available

This app provides you with a lot of customisations that will help you to change the video quality of the movies that you watch and you can even enhance the audio as well.

Live Streams

There is a live stream option available that will help you to watch the Live channels. For example, the live sports channels or the live TV shows as well. In this way, you cannot even miss a single detail of your favourite sport.

Volume Settings

Sometimes we cannot get the clear audio of our favourite movies. There might be some noises behind that will disturb the whole thing. To get rid of such situations, you can easily modify the volume by going to the volume settings.

Get Alerts

You can get alerts if any of the viruses affect your device or the app and it will also notify you with any updates and modifications of the app.

Listen to Podcasts

You can listen to podcasts to ease your mind. There are different topics available on this app and you can listen to podcasts that you like.


There is a VPN option available in this app that will help you to change your location. In this way, you can unblock all the websites that are not available in your region and can also protect your personal information.

Removal of ads

To remove the unwanted ads from this multimedia player, you have to purchase the pro version of the Xciptv app.


You can


download the movies with the help of this app if you become a premium member. In this way, you can save files from the online streaming apps as well.

Amazing multimedia player

Xciptv is an amazing multimedia player. You can connect different online streaming apps with it and watch your favourite movies and series in good quality.

Modify the Quality

You can easily modify the quality of the videos and movies that you want. Sometimes the websites and different media players do not provide us with good resolutions but with the help of Xciptv, you can enhance the resolution of the videos.

Create your Profile

In order to use this app, you first have to create your profile. You have to give it your email address and provide it with a secured password so that you can easily access your account anywhere.

Watch Live Channels

This app provides you access to the live channels and you can easily watch your favourite sports in this way. All the tournaments are available on this app and you can easily binge watch your favourite matches.

Connect with different apps

You can connect Xciptv with different online streaming apps like Netflix, hotstar etc and enhance the quality and settings of the movies that you watch.

Receive Notifications

This app sends you notifications about the different updates and it will also provide you with notifications if any of the new episodes of your favourite series gets uploaded on the app.

Favourite lists

You can create a favourite list of your own in which you can add all the different shows that you like to watch several times. You can also add all your favourite movies in this list.

Record movies

This app allows you to record the movies and series that you watch on the Xciptv app. In this way, you can save the movies from the apps that do not allow you to download the content.

No interruptions

To get rid of all the interruptions in this app, you have to get the premium version of Xciptv Player. It provides you with a lot of Amazing features and removes the restrictions as well.

Safe to use

The Xciptv TV app is completely safe to use and does not contain any harmful viruses that will disturb your device.

Why do people like Xciptv APK Pro?

The users get a lot of advantages by downloading Xciptv app because it allows them to download the stuff with the help of this app. They can also get a lot of customisation features and remove all the interruptions from this app.

Download Xciptv APK Pro Latest Version 2022

The pro version provides you with the download option and lets you record the content that you watch on it. But to get all these privileges, you have to pay the subscription charges.

Xciptv APK 2022 Download

Sometimes the version that the Google Play Store provides does not contains the new updates but in Xciptv APK 2022, you will get all the new features.

Downloading Xciptv Pro APK

When you read this article, you can get to see a download link. You have to click on this link to start the download of xip TV pro APK. After that, you can open your mobile downloads and search for this file. When you will Open this file it asks for some permissions and to install it, you have to provide it with these permissions.

Final Verdict

If you want to download the content from Google play  the online streaming apps then you should get the XCIP TV app as it provides you with the download option. But it is only available to the pro members of this app.

If you like to watch movies in great quality then this media player is the best option. It provides you with great sound effects and to get rid of unwanted ads, you can get the premium version of Xciptv app.


Q. Can I connect Netflix with Xciptv?

Yes, you can connect Netflix with the XCIP TV app.

Q. Can I use Xciptv on my Smart TV?

Yes, you can use Xciptv app on your Smart TV.

Q. Is there a watch time limit on Xciptv Player?

No, there is no watch time limit on the Xcip TV app.

Q. How do I change the settings of Xciptv Player?

There is a settings tab available on the home screen and you can click on it to change the settings.

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