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WhatsApp Plus MOD APK Download (v19.45.1) Latest Version For Android

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App Info

Name WhatsAppPlus
ID com/download/?lang=en
Publisher Modapk
MOD Features Communication
Size 54.30MB
Price FREE

WhatsApp Plus MOD APK Descriptions

WhatsApp Plus MOD APK brings all the functions you have been enjoying on your basic WhatsApp account to the fore, spicing that up with even more opportunities of its own to ensure a better chat experience.

Taking a cue from the original WhatsApp design, using WhatsApp Plus MOD APK is a breeze on its own. After all, that ensures you don’t have to adapt to a host of new tabs and controls than you were used to.

Some of the most notable additions to WhatsApp Plus which you would not find elsewhere – especially on the basic WhatsApp are:

Customization – Users can choose from a host of visual themes on the platform to personalize their chatting experience. This transforms the header, color, fonts and every other aspect of the display to match the unique style of every user.

Emoticons – Express yourself better with an improved list of emoticons and emojis which you will only find on WhatsApp Plus MOD APK

Privacy – You get to hide your last seen status, prevent people from knowing when you have checked their messages/ listened to the audio or viewed their statuses. The catch here is that you don’t have to give up the right to see these too as the basic WhatsApp would have done

Improved file sharing – Besides the reduced quality of image that comes with sharing files (such as images) on the basic WhatsApp, there is also the problem of allowable size to be shared. With WhatsApp plus, you get to share up to 50MB files in a go – and you don’t have to worry about them being compressed for size either.

If you asked anyone if there’s one application that all people may have on their smartphone, then WhatsApp definitely has to be the answer. With over 2 billion active users all over the world, this instant messaging and chatting app has become a part of our daily life use, millions of people use it every day to communicate anytime and anywhere with their friends, family, relatives, and loved ones. However, some users aren’t completely satisfied by its functions. That’s why developers created the uncredible modified version ‘Whatsapp Plus’, which has a lot of features that can enhance the WhatsApp experience for users. The developers of WhatsApp Plus MOD APK made an incredible improvement on the app and made it much more secure and powerful than the original Whatsapp, it has now become one of the top Mods that you should consider to switch to enjoy the whole experience .

So, in today’s article, we will discuss everything about this latest version whatsapp, including its features and the method to install on your device. So, keep reading for more information

WhatsApp Plus MOD APK File Information

App Name Whatsapp Plus
Version Latest Version
File Size 50 MB+
Android Version Required 4.4+
Last updated 1 Hour ago (Today)

Basically, WhatsApp Plus MOD APK can be considered as a sister app of the original WhatsApp that we all use and love; they have the same UI and features, however, WhatsApp Plus users can benefit from  much more advanced things that this version offer and the original Whatsapp lacks, like customization of the entire WhatsApp Interface according to your preferences, privacy features, advanced share option and much more. Besides that WhatsApp Plus app provides all these options, you will also get to use it along with the original app on the same device at the same time. Some WhatsApp Plus MOD APK users may think that WhatsApp Plus MOD APK is not worthy to use, but it is definitely not true, once you download it you can’t stop using it. Owing to these modified versions of  WhatsApp Plus MOD APK became very popular in a short time among users,  but sadly is not available on the Play store, but you can download it from third-party websites.

Features of WhatsApp Plus MOD APK

As we mention it above WhatsApp Plus MOD APK has quite interesting  features that the original whatsapp lacks. Below are some of its features:

  • Hide online status: By enabling this feature in the latest version whatsapp , You can easily hide your online status from others so others cannot see your status and guard your privacy
  • Hide last seen status: If you want to keep away from people or if you are just busy or tired. On Whatsapp Plus 2022 you can hide your last seen status from others so people wouldn’t know if the person was active or not.
  • Whatsapp Plus 2022 has another amazing feature that allows you to record your activity like how many hours you spend on the app or the app opening and closing  time. Also useful to track your app usage.
  • On WhatsApp plus you will have an ID touch to secure all your data or you may simply set a passcode.
  •  You can add more than 8 people in video /voice/group calls.
  • WhatsApp plus apk,you can create a backup copy of your entire account in general and, if the user changes his device, he can easily transfer the data to another device skipping all the registration procedures;
  • This latest version whatsapp + comes with tons of customization. Users may customize their chat screen, change chat layout, change the color of their theme. Overall you can customize as you wish on this latest version whatsapp.
  • A large collection of emoticons that the regular whatsapp doesn’t offer.
  • Send your location via text message.
  • Users can hide the blue ticks that notify contacts that they have read the received message;
  • WhatsApp plus users benefit from another great feature, which is to do not display the blue microphone icon to notify that the message has been listened to
  • On WhatsApp plus, you can use a full profile picture, which is not the case on the original whatsapp.
  • By downloading whatsapp plus, you can share up to 50 images in one message at one time instead of 10 images in the official whatsapp.
  • WhatsApp plus users can set a status up to 255 characters long which is not the case on the regular WhatsApp
  • In this latest version whatsapp +, you can send videos up to 7 min.
  • On Whatsapp Plus 2022 you can send videos up to 50 MB and audio size up to 100 MB, which is, again, a great feature that this version offer

The best changes made in WhatsApp Plus MOD APK V10/ WhatsApp Plus V12

  1. The hiding status issues has been solved in these versions
  2. All Bugs faced in the previous version have been fixed too.

How to download WhatsApp Plus 

Few steps needed to  download whatsapp plus in your Google Play :

  • First, Download the link below
  • Then, Click on the “Download WhatsApp Plus MOD APK from Google Play Store
  • Find the downloaded APK file on your phone and run it.
  • Give the necessary permissions.
  • Tap “Install”.
  • After installation, enter the mobile phone number and the code received via SMS.

Finally, Click on the “Restore” button. Tap “Next” then set up a personal profile and you are good to go.

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