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Name Hitwicket Superstars MOD APK
ID cricketgames.hitwicket.strategy
Publisher Modapk
MOD Features Sports
Size 160.76MB
Price FREE

Cricket is a famous and most played game from ancient times. But nowadays Real Cricket 19 Mod Apk in grounds is not that easy as people prefer to play video games on PCs or mobile games with 3d graphics. Therefore many cricket simulation games are developed for PC and mobile devices. In this article we are going to discuss a digital cricket game.

The Hitwicket Superstars is an amazing cricket simulation game with excellent features and unique tools. There different special abilities also in this game that will help you to defeat your opponent team. The basic rules of the game are just like a real cricket team of 11 well trained players. You will create your special team and with them play different matches. This a very interesting and strategic game.

The game is regularly update by its developers so that the players will enjoy new features and do not loose their interest. The gameplay is very simply yet captivating. You will surely enjoy this game. Like other millions of players Hitwicket Superstars have all around the world. The reviews and feedbacks shared by the users are satisfactory.


The original version of the game available on the internet is name as The Hitwicket Superstars APK. You can get this incredible game from any online website or Google play store. The interest capturing game is designed by the Hitwicket Cricket games. This is a free application, you can download it for free. Almost every feature is free apart from the premium ones as they require real money for unlocking.

In the game instead of a player your role is to be a perfect cricket coach. You will need to train your players perfectly, so that they can defeat any top notch team. There are both online and offline playing options available. You can participate in any tournament like T20, Asian Cup or even World Cup matches and represent your selected city. You can also buy any of your favorite player from an auction also. There are some special abilities also that you can buy for your players.


There is a hacked version of the game also, Hitwicket Superstars MOD APK. This is the mod apk game that provides you all the tools and options of the standard game. This is a free game where you can use every feature basic or premium without paying any fees. Also the Hitwicket Superstars MOD APK has been tested by a software and proven to be clean from any sort of virus.

The gameplay and user interface it offers is exactly like the apk game. All the controls are handle in the similar manner also. There is no advertisement placed in the mod apk gameplay, you can play without interruption. You can select any premium player as all the characters and skills are completely unlock in it. Download it from our website.


The first step you need to take in the game is to create your team of 11 cricket players. All the players have different skills you can also purchase new skills for players. You will also decide the order of player as you are their coach. They will play from the side of the city you select either Indian or any International.


To make your game more fun and thrilling there are different special abilities and skills for players. You can use them at right time in the match to turn it in your favor. These abilities include hex, doom, smash, immortal, rage and many other for overpowering the opponent.


There are many different cricket players with different abilities in the game. To make a strong team you will need to select each player of the 11 members very wisely. Choose them according to their abilities and skills.


There is an offline mode option also available as it is not possible to have a stable internet connection all the time. But in this mode instead of other players, you play with the computer. You can only play basic modes easy, normal and hard in it. This feature is best while training your team.


There are more than 3 million cricket managing players this game has. All the players fight against each other as it is a p vs p game. But for international matches you can also alliance with other players.


To give this game a realistic touch you get to play all the real cricket tournaments in it. You can participate in different T-20 matches, one day, champion trophy or World Cup.


There is a valuable reward for winning every match or tournament. You can get the in-game money, any player or a trophy or medal for winning a tournament match. Results are displayed on the leader board.


A unique feature of the game is auction. There are few locked players that you can win in the auction. You need to bid a good amount for them and pay the money to get them.


Money is used for different reasons like unlocking players, his skills and skins. But earning a lot of money requires winning many difficult matches that can take time. Therefore the mod apk game offers you an unlimited money at the initial stage.


The mod apk game provides you a clear gameplay with no ads option. You can enjoy your matches without watching irrelevant and boring ads.


Another brilliant feature offered by the Hitwicket Superstars MOD APK is the unlocked premium items. Now with this modified game you can access and enjoy playing with all the premium items without spending real cash on it.


There are different useful tools and options of the game that are initially locked in the apk game. These features require a good gaming level and money for allowing access. But in the modified game you get an open access for all these tools.


The Hitwicket Superstars is a very entertaining game  Download By Google Play with various impressive features and tools. The variety of tools, skills, cricketers and items this game has will leave you shocked but fully satisfied. It is a best time killing mobile game.

You can download this gaming app and explore the world of cricket where not only skills but perfect strategy is also needed for winning. This is an incredible game with both online and offline gaming options. If you love cricket then try this game for once.


Q. How to get all the players and special skills without upgrading level or spending money?

If you want to unlock all the cricket players and special skills for free, you must play the modified version of the game. This mod apk game provides you every tool and character of the game at the time of downloading.

Q. Q2. Does the hacked version of the game lags and slowdown a lot and gives bad gaming experience?

No, its not the case with the hacked game. The Hitwicket Superstars MOD APK is specially designed for providing better experience therefore has no lagging.

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