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Name Real Boxing 2 MOD APK
ID com.vividgames.realboxing2
Publisher Modapk
MOD Features Sports
Version 1.27.0
Size 789.16MB
Price FREE

Most of the games come in the category of action. The reason is that it is the most played category of the games. The games that come into this category are always so thrilling and awesome to play. Today the game about which we are going to talk about is called Real boxing 2 Mod APK . This game is especially made for the people who love the sport of boxing.

It is also in the category of both sports and action games because in this game you have to fight against different opponents to beat them. First in the starting of the game you have to master different skills like uppercuts, counter moves and special combos so that you can counter your enemies attack easily. In that way you can be the powerful opponents easily.

There are different trainers available in the game that you can hire. So choose wisely to select one of the best of them. This game offers you to play two modes: the simple one is the single player mode and then the extraordinary one is the multiplayer mode.

Download Real boxing 2 APK

This game is made on the sport of this boxing. You have  Download By Play Google to fight in the different arenas in this game where you face powerful opponents. You have to master the skills first in the game by hiring the best trainers.

There are famous Boxers available in this game against which you have to fight and you have to win the championships to become the best boxer in this game. As you progress in the game the difficulty increases and you have to face powerful opponents which are not easy to beat. You have to learn the counter skills so that you can easily contract moves to perform combos.

It provides graphics which definitely boost up your experience while playing games. The world championships are also available that you can win by defeating the world champions.

Download Real boxing 2 mod APK

This is a modified version of this game. This version is made to provide benefits to the people who love to play this game like in the simple version you have a limited amount of money available and you cannot hire the best trainers in the game. You are required to earn money by defeating the opponents in this game. This modified version provides you unlimited amounts of money to use this game and you can hire the best traders in the game to learn the best skills to counter your opponent’s attacks. All the ads which are available in this game to annoy you are fully removed in this modified version of the game.


Compete in arenas

There are different arenas available in this game where you have to fight against your opponents. All these arenas provide you a fresh feeling.

Hire trainer

You need to hire the trainers in this game so that you can learn powerful skills to defeat your opponents. The best skill to learn is the counter skill.

Learn best techniques

You have to learn the best techniques in this game like uppercuts and special combos that you can use against your opponents to surprise them.

Use combinations to take down enemies easily

You have to make the right combination of the counter skills and the techniques to completely out class your opponent.

Single player mode

The offline mode which is available in this game is the single player mode in which you can progress to the story by defeating different opponents.

Multiplayer mode

There is also a multiplayer mode available to play in this game in which you can fight against the other best players around the world.

Famous boxers

There are also some famous Boxers available in this game against which you have to fight to win the world titles.

Unlimited money

This modified version of the game provides you an unlimited amount of money to use in the games that you can unlock everything in the game.


This game is one of the best boxing games available to play. There are two modes available to play in this game one is the single player mode and the other mode is multiplayer. You can play single player mode offline but the multiplayer mode can only be played online against the best players around the world. There are different arenas in which you can fight in this game.


Q. How to defeat powerful opponents in the Real boxing 2 game?

You need to learn the skills and techniques and you have to execute them against the powerful Boxers in the real boxing 2 to win.

Q. Can we play online in the Real boxing 2 game?

Yes, in the Real boxing 2 you have multiplayer mode available which you can play online.


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