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Name PUBG: New State Mod Apk
ID com.pubg.newstate
Publisher Modapk
MOD Features Action
Size 1324.03MB
Price FREE

PUBG New State Mod Apk is an upcoming free game from the team of the makers of Call of Duty and Rainbow Six Vegas. It’s set to be one of the most revolutionary new entries in the Call of Duty series, taking the series into a “groundbreaking” first-person perspective. In fact, creator David Lebling claims that the gameplay is similar to “overwatch”, though it will have more of a co-op campaign with the split screen functionality.

PUBG New State Mod Apk Download Info

This is all according to a sneak peek released by the game’s producer, studio heads, and other important members of the team. The preview was shown during one of the studio head’s weekly podcasts. The content shows off early versions of some of the features that will be featured in the final product.

PUBG New State Mod Apk gives you a future battle context in which the government ceases to exist and where many battles took place. Simultaneously, despite being in 2051, players can still see the modernity in many of the game’s environmental elements. The houses have changed their looks along with more impressive cars than the old version. Therefore, this will make players want to experience it.

PUBG New State Mod Apk The game possesses beautiful and impressive graphics with fictional elements that have appeared in this world. Simultaneously, although they are all abandoned, the new environment gives players an impression and love more when the domain has been cared for and added new elements. You can see the drones, effects that only appear in fantasy games. Despite the breakthroughs mentioned above, we cannot help but note an issue that anyone will care about is the game’s open world. It is a world where you can do whatever you love, and it has a large area. So you sometimes have to use cars to move in it quickly. Also, you can also interact with the surrounding elements and pick up the necessary things.

Key features of PUBG New State Mod Apk

The key feature of the reveal trailer was the introduction of “pre-registering” to get access to the “infected” weapons, perks, and stats. Although no actual information has been given, it’s assumed that the keys are given out through a registration process similar to that used with Call of Duty: Black Ops II and Reflex. As the Call of Duty community grows, these games will need to start giving people incentives to register to get all of the latest weapons, perks, and stats.

Besides the impressive improvements above, the game still owns the same gameplay as the previous version and is a bold battle royale. Players will participate in a match with 100 players and be taken down in no small terrain map. For the first experience, it isn’t easy to learn to experience the entire terrain above. They will also be oriented to a specific area without going sightseeing, like in an RPG game. One of the features of PUBG New State Mod Apk that we cannot ignore is Bluezone. After a few minutes of landing on the map, Bluezone starts to appear markers for players to go there, which is a must for all. With a large plan but only 100 people, encounters are more diminutive, and sometimes the match will take a long time. So it makes sense to create an area for anyone to enter.

Depending on the number of players remaining, Bluezone will narrow its scope, and after a while, it will continue to shrink. That will require you to both find the necessary weapons and equipment and keep moving. In the process, you will probably meet other players and try to take them down with your gun. At the same time, after overcoming 99 other players, you will become Lone Survivor and the game-winner.

PUBG: New State Mod Apk You can also enjoy an up to the minute look at the upcoming release of PUBG New State Mod Apk  by logging into your account and looking through the news section. The latest news is posted on a weekly basis, so it’s always worth checking. In addition to this, the latest news will also give you a rundown of what is being changed or added in the latest patch. For example, one of the most requested features was the option to change the color schemes in the game. This feature now allows users to change their skins in order to match the scheme of the upcoming film.

Develop your world with the next generation graphics

To finish off our quick analysis of PUBG New State Mod Apk one of the most requested features was the ability for users to be able to transfer their coins from the Facebook application to this version. This has now been included in the mobile app, and is a simple process. However, the application is still undergoing internal testing, so it won’t be available to all users any time soon. If you would like to try it out, you can simply log in to the Facebook application and use your own Facebook account data as a reference.

As you can see from the overview above, PUBG New State Mod Apk is similar to the older versions, but it has been completely redesigned for mobiles. In my opinion, this is the best version yet. The icons are very colorful and there are many more options that weren’t present on the old version. The interface is clean and the game itself is incredibly fun to play. Whether you are a fan of the old games or not, PUBG New State Mod Apk will definitely make you feel excited about the next wave of applications that are to be released for the google play store. Stay tuned!



PUBG: New State Mod Apk We have mentioned all information of the PUBG: New State Mod Apk. We are imparting you the mod version of the app. In this mod, you will get all of the app’s top-class functions free of fee. Get all gear unlocked for you and enjoy a unique experience. If you want any further help from us or face any troubles at some point of setup or have any vital queries, provide us your remarks with the whole info Google Play. Thank you.

Key features

  • Round Deathmatch is a best-of-seven deathmatch series that pits four players against four other players.
  • Get ready for action-packed rounds with a Playzone that shrinks as soon as the contest begins.
  • Make a clean sweep of the competitors and claim triumph as the ultimate Survivor!
  • Sixty-four players battle it out after being dumped into a substantially reduced playing area equipped with firearms, smoke grenades, and a minimal number of Drone Credits, respectively.
  • From the very beginning, you’ll be immersed in tense and exhilarating action-packed gameplay.
  • Experience the characteristic “PUBG gunplay” on your mobile device, which has been fully adapted for the mobile environment.
  • With PUBG’s innovative weapon attachment system, you may tailor your weapons to your own requirements.
  • Dodging, drone calls, and assistance requests are just a few of the novel elements included in NEW STATE MOBILE.
  • Make use of new vehicles that are exclusively accessible in NEW STATE MOBILE to navigate about the 8×8 open environment fast and efficiently.
  • You may have an immersive PUBG experience by completing several game goals that can help you shift the tide in your favor.

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