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Name Panda Mouse Pro Apk
ID com.panda.mouse
Publisher Modapk
MOD Features Tools
Version 1.5.0
Size 7.6 MB
Price FREE

Panda Mouse Pro Apk is a perfect example of technological advancements. This app helps you to give an experience of computer gaming on mobile phones. You can download this app and get the same familiarity of computer gaming with mobile gaming.

PC games on mobiles

If you do not own a computer and want to get a chance of the same experience then, this is a perfect game for you. The controls and tools of computer gaming is different than mobile gaming, but this game will give you a computer like experience by giving you different tools.


This app connects to your PC equipment without wires only if your equipment has Bluetooth, but if your device does not support Bluetooth you can use cable as an alternative of it, but in that case you cannot enjoy wireless experience. We prefer you to have a Bluetooth PC equipment.

No compulsion of software

You do not have to download any software in order to use this app. You can just simply connect your devices either through Bluetooth or cable. This app works without any software’s involvement, hence you can use it without downloading any software.

Support every equipment

If you are thinking that this app supports particular machineries of PC then you are wrong as this app supports every kind of PC equipment. Therefore, you can download by Google Play use this app without worrying about that weather this app supports every equipment of not.


Q. Is Panda Mouse Pro a free app?

No, this app is not free but you can download its apk version if you want to download its free version.

Q. Can we play any sort of game through Panda Mouse Pro?

This app supports only famous and most demanded games in the market. It does not support every game.

Q. How many games does Panda Mouse Pro support?

Presently, more than 20 games are being supported by this app. You can play all the famous games through this app.

Q. Is Panda Mouse Pro a wireless app?

It depends on your device. If it has Bluetooth then you can have a wireless experience.

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