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Messenger MOD APK v388. (Fully Unlocked) Free for Android

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Name Messenger Mod Apk
ID com.facebook.orca
Publisher Modapk
MOD Features Social
Version 388.
Size 40.74 MB
Price FREE

Messenger MOD APK is basically a messaging application that is used to communicate between two or more groups of people at a time. It is developed by meta plat

forms. It is used as a facebook chat board in desktop computers and in mobile phones you can also download its application. In both android and ios playstorm this application is present. We can select any language option in it and communicate with other people in any language according to our will.

In this application we nt only do messaging but we can also voice call our friends, relatives etc. we can also do video calls and see anyone anywhere in the world. We can write as well as voice note messages. We can also share our stories with our friends.

What is Messenger apk?

Messenger is an instant messaging application. In this application the person to whom we want to talk will first search his name in the “People” option. If that person’s name is present there then we will select that person’s name and start chatting with him.

In case that person to whom we want to talk is not present in our list then we will go in search option where we write that person’s complete name and there a list of people with the same name come and we will select our relevant person and tha start chatting with him.

When we add any friend on facebook then that friend will be automatically added into our messenger account.we also have the theme option in messenger we can select mode according to our choice that we want dark mode or white mode. In this application we can also share our stories to our friends and relatives and they will be shown to them for 24 hours after that time they will disappear.

What is Messenger mod apk?

Messenger mod apk is the hacked version of the official application. Basically these versions are made so that people can enjoy everything in an application without using their money. It is the premium version in which you only have to download this version and then enjoy various features without spending any penny.

You can get unlimited emojis in it, you can create chat groups, you can set conversation colors according to your choice. All these things are free, you only have to download this mod apk from any website because this premium version is not present on the official website or on the playstore.


Messenger MOD APK allows multiple application messages method. So needed some extra privacy settings to control the messages. Everyone sends messages anytime. So control the messages by the privacy setting. If an anonymous user mak chatting to you, the user cannot reply to all messaged peoples. So turn on the message control and automatic reply system. In addition, set stop anonymous chatting to avoid the anonymous user’s text messages. Someone try to send their product link for the hack. Set some settings to block unauthorized link-sharing users.


Nowadays, every communication application has come with emoji features. That feature is no more attractive to watch. Also, it will not make it more attractive during the normal emoji chatting. So the main reason for Messenger MOD APK is made with new animated reactions. If the user sends some trendy emojis, it will automatically convert to animated reactions. Most of the emojis were changed to animated emojis. In the upcoming days, the application development team will change the whole emoji into animated stickers. This is an excellent feature of this application. And it will make interesting during the chat time.

Chat themes

Messenger MOD APK introduced themes for chatting users. Every user can set the favorite theme for favorite persons. Each chatting peoples also set the new colored themes. The application developing team regularly updates the new colorful themes based on events, functions, trendy things, and more. For example, if you chat with a loved one, choose valentine’s theme for a chat. Also chatting style has been changed into love designs. Many more theme designs are currently available for use. Never a need to pay money to use colorful, beautiful theme designs.

Free video calls

Some of the communication applications need an amount for making video call during two-person. Yeah, most applications need to buy a premium subscription to make video calls. But Messenger MOD APK allows free video calls for all users. No more need to pay money for making video calls. Invite anyone to the call conference by sending the link. Up to 8 members can participate in one video call. Each user can add more participants to the conference video call. During the group cal, no one gets a problem during the call.

Watch together

When the user starts the group video call in Messenger MOD APK, they can play their favorite video during the video call. Joined members can watch the videos without any interruption. Internet must need to complete the video call. Watch videos, TV shows, and movies with your connected friends. Easier to capture the real-time moment from the application. The developer also added room features to the application. To make meetings or substantial news share from the room meeting. Use this room feature to invite contact people via the room link. Up to 50 members can join the current room. No time limit has followed in-room calls.


Following are the features of this application

Unlocked Application

This mod apk will completely unlock the application and you can enjoy each and every feature without paying any cost.

Retrieve Conversation

We can also get back a deleted conversation. If you send us a wrong message and then delete it so that we cannot see that but we have this mod apk then we can read the deleted message.

No Ads

In mod apk we will get rid of advertisements that will disturb our communication. We can freely communicate with anyone without any hindrance.

Conversation styling

We can set our conversation color ,font style etc by our own choice and we have numerous colors and styles and we can use any one that is our demand at that time. Our message will appear in different colors and with different font styles.

Unlimited Emojis

Emojis are human expressions at that moment and we can express our feelings by using different emojis in different circumstances and we will get unlimited emojis in this hacks version to describe our feelings to the person we are chatting with.

Chat Groups

We can not only chat with one person at a time but also we can chat with numerous persons at a time by creating chatting groups and there is no limit of any person to be added in a group.


We are doing our communications freely and our communications are secured. No third party has write access to our messages.


Messenger mod apk is an application that is developed so that people can communicate with their beloved ones in any corner of the world and can see them express their thoughts and expressions to them. We can not only communicate with one person at a time, but we can also communicate with more than one person at a time by making groups of our relevant people.

By using mod apk we can have access to numerous features that are free for us and with them we can happily and in a lively mood chat with our loved ones.

Facebook Messenger Mod APK Download (Latest Version)

Whether Facebook is open on your phone or not, Facebook Messenger Downlod By Google Play is the best thing. If you have a network on your Android device and your Facebook page is not empty, then the automatic message will be sent by your friend who has the news, and you will know the information.

I hope the Facebook Messenger APK was enjoyable for you. Please subscribe to our website if you enjoyed it and would like to receive the most recent updates.

Download the most recent version of the world’s most widely used social media platform, Facebook Messenger APK, and chat with your loved ones about pictures and photos.


Q. Is it possible to communicate to a person who is not our friend on facebook?

Yes it is possible to communicate with a person who is not your friend on facebook by searching that person’s name in the search option and then selecting that person from that list. Then you can communicate with that person.

Q. Can we share our pictures and videos with our relatives on messenger mod apk?

Yes we can share our pictures and videos with our relatives on messenger mod apk.


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