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Instagram Plus MOD APK Download ( OFFICIAL) Latest Version 2022

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Name Instagram Plus MOD APK
Publisher Modapk
MOD Features Social
Version 10.20.0
Size 26MB
Price FREE

Instagram Plus MOD APK  is developed as an alternative client to the basic Instagram, but that is not all there is to this app. It has also been fitted with a host of amazing features which not only make it stands out, but a worthy download for any regular user of the Instagram app.

If you are seeking an effective and seamless way to improve your Instagram presence, you must install the latest version of Instagram Plus. Instagram has always been one of the most preferred platforms for sharing photos and videos among friends and family members.

Instagram Plus APK

Instagram Plus APK – There is no doubt that Instagram is also the best app for Chat applications like Facebook and Whatsapp. If Instagram users talk about Instagram 350 million users are now so many users of Instagram, then you can imagine how Instagram is so popular. But today we are not talking about Instagram but about Instagram’s new Instagram Mod APK, Insta Plus app Download.

Instagram Plus offers a much better feature to Instagram users than Instagram. Og Mods Developers make Insta Plus. Which is extremely special for Instagram users. If you use Instagram. If and want to know about App, so be sure to post this post till the last.

What is Instagram Plus APK

Instagram Plus is a Moded Version created by Og Mods Developers. There is more and better feature available on Instagram. On Instagram Plus APK, you can easily download any photo or video. While you can download Instagram any photo or video. If we talk about the Instagram Plus app, there is no more interface.

The way you share your photos and videos on Instagram, you can easily share your photos and videos on the Plus app as well. Just in Plus pasta, you will find more Security, Feature, and Privacy ton than Instagram, everything else is similar to Instagram. Let’s tell you this is a save app.


Instagram Plus APK Features

So there are two versions of Instagram Plus Apk: the free one and the Plus version. Which one should you choose? It’s all about your preferences, your usage patterns, and the social network’s overall design. Plus features more extensive editing tools and visual search capabilities and interacts with your social networks more closely.

There are also some critical differences in the way that users recognize your pictures–for example, when you post an image that has been shared by someone else, the Plus version of Instagram will automatically highlight that person as a follower

There is much better privacy and features in the Plus apk. Which is very different from Instagram. You can find below the part of the Instagram Plus apk. We have told one-in-one details in detail.

  • Download Instagram Photo and Video: Insta Plus can easily download and save any Insta video and photo.
  • Stories And Videos: You can download any video from the dashboard or profile page. He can also download the Story Story of any of his friends.
  • All Language Support: Insta Plus supports all the feasts, while on Instagram it was not previously.
  • Translate: In Insta Plus, you can translate any of your languages.
  • Themes: The extraordinary thing about Insta. Plus is that you can create any piece in it accordingly. And you can choose the color of your choice.

Download Photos, Videos, Stories and Live Stream directly to your phone

The official Instagram application does not allow you to download photos, videos, stories and live streaming of your friends. Isn’t it annoying that in such an advanced era of Technology you are not able to download photos and videos and live streaming into your phone? This is not a problem anymore after the development of Instagram plus as it allows you to download photos, stories, videos, and live streaming directly in your mobile gallery.

To download the videos and photos, click on the three-button icon on the top right corner of your pictures and it will give you the option of downloading. Click on the downloading button and the picture will be downloaded into the folder of Instagram Plus photos and videos on your smartphones.

Follow Indicator

We are always curious about who is following us and who is not When we follow some person.Instagram Plus does not have a follower indicator but the modded version of Instagram which is Instagram plus has this Magnificent feature of flow indicator which allows you to see who has recently started following you. It lets you know that if your friend has followed you back after you followed him or not. It is one of the amazing features of the Instagram Plus application and forces us to download this application.

View Full-Sized Profile Pictures

It is not possible to view full-size profile pictures of your friends and family while using Instagram. It is sometimes annoying that we are not able to see the full-size profile pictures, but this is no more a problem after the development of Instagram plus as it allows you to see full-size profile pictures of your friends and family.

To see the full version of pictures click on the picture for 2 seconds and the picture will pop up on your screens in a zoomed form.

Hide View Stories in Instagram Plus

We all want to hide and don’t want our friends to know that we have seen their stories. Instagram plus has a feature of hiding view stories that are not present on the official Instagram application. According to this feature, you can see the stories of your friends without letting them know that you have seen their stories. You can avail of this feature which is present in Instagram plus by turning on the ‘hide’ Option given in Instagram Plus and you can enjoy these mesmerizing features of hiding and yourself but still being able to see the stories of others.

Start Watching Videos always with Volume ON

Instagram Plus does not always turn the music on for videos even when the volume is turned on. Whenever you are watching a new video you have to turn the volume on yourself and it becomes annoying sometimes. But you don’t need to worry anymore because Instagram plus has a feature of letting you watch videos always with the volume on you do not need to turn the music for videos on again and again after every other video. Isn’t it an amazing option of Instagram plus? So what are you waiting for? You should download Instagram Plus on your smartphones to enjoy these features.

Other Exciting Features Of Instagram Plus

Share URL directly for specific Image and Video

Instagram Plus does not allow you to share URLs outside Instagram. It creates lots of fuss while sending the videos to your friends as Instagram does not allow it. Instagram plus has resolved this problem of sharing URLs with your friends. If you download Instagram plus you will get to know that by enabling the feature of sending URLs you can directly send the URL for specific images and videos externally outside Instagram on WhatsApp or Facebook and you can easily share it with your friends and families.

Copy Comments and Bios of friends

By simple installment of Instagram plus you can copy the comments and bios of your friends. Copying comments and profile status is not allowed on Instagram. Instagram Plus has a feature that allows you the copy-paste option. Amazing feature for sure! Isn’t it?

InBuilt Translator

There is a feature of inbuild translator present on Instagram plus which allows you to translate the language in any other language despite which is written on the comment or bio of your friends. To turn on this translation option, click on the picture and it will give you one option of translation and you can select the language in which you want to translate the given text. It is a feature that definitely deserves praise as it is not present on an official Instagram application but is present on Instagram Plus.


It has been a long time since my last post, but life continues. It’s been a busy summer for me, working on numerous new projects and caring for several family members. I did not have much time to blog, but I finished this month’s Instagram challenge. See, I have been trying to learn Japanese, but it’s very challenging as there are so many kanji. Part of my challenge was choosing which kanji best fit for an app like Instagram Plus.

The Final Verdict

Instagram plus is free of cost application and gives you the amazing options to download the pictures and videos, translate the text option, and enjoy more than a hundred different themes option. These features are not available on the official Instagram application, and hence, Instagram plus has passed in quality and features over the official Instagram application. Also, you don’t need to worry about the Update for “Instagram plus“ as the web is updated as soon as Google Play Store is updated. So what are you waiting for? Download Instagram Plus application Google Play your smartphones and enjoy its fabulous features. If you have any questions regarding its uses, you can comment on your queries in the comment section below GBPlus.


1. Is Instagram Plus safe to use?

This is the most common question by everyone because they are afraid of losing their account. Instagram comes with few advanced features over default Instagram, but this doesn’t not mean it’s not safe to use. Let me tell you, Instagram Plus is completely safe to use with no ban issue.

2. Can I download photos, videos, and stories with Instagram plus?

Yes, Instagram plus makes downloading any media a piece of cake which you can do with ease.

3. Can I use Instagram Plus as Dual Instagram?

Yeas you can use it with GB Instagram for 2 Instagram accounts on same Android mobile.

4. Does it need rooting?

No root needed for Instagram Plus.

5. As for Instagram Mod, few other alternatives available. Which is the best among them?

No doubt that Instagram plus is the best among all the mods. However, you can also try for GB Instagram or OG Insta+ as 2 other mods for dual Insta purpose. If you are using a single account, then stick with Instagram plus.

6. I am an iPhone user; can I use Instagram Plus?

Sad to say but Instagram+ is not yet available for iPhone. But we will surely update this post when there is an Instagram Plus mod release for iPhone.

7. Before installing Instagram plus, do I need to uninstall Official Instagram?

Yes, it is recommended to uninstall Instagram first before installing Instagram Plus.


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