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Hunter Assassin MOD APK v1.71.8 (Unlock all characters)

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Name Hunter Assassin MOD APK
ID com.rubygames.assassin
Publisher Modapk
MOD Features Action
Version 1.71.8
Size 54.86MB
Price FREE

Wouldn’t it be interesting if action game lovers took part in a tough challenge with dramatic action? Coming to Hunter Assassin, you will receive a challenging but exciting task and require high flexibility to complete the task. You will be the one tasked with hunting down the real killers and destroying them. A lot of unique emotions will be found while you do the quest and overcome it.


You will absolutely love the action gameplay and control the battles; then, maybe you will reach the Hunter Assassin MOD APK. You will receive a difficult task when starting with this game that is to hunt down assassins. The challenges presented will be carefully divided and calculated by the application developer. Players will not feel overwhelmed with the level of challenge in the first rounds, but the difficulty will gradually increase through the rounds.

Although the given task will be challenging, you should not panic because the game will also support you to the fullest extent. The first will be the player’s observation system when performing the task. You will experience the game with a 3rd-person perspective from above, so observing the opponent will become more accessible than the game modes set up in the first-person perspective. Besides, your character control is also a strange hunter with extraordinarily agile and skillful movements with lightning attacks that make opponents unable to turn back.


And to match the direction that the game has determined, the gameplay will be agile action. You will need to be someone who can read the situation and the actions of your opponent. Any actions the opponent is about to take will also be based on their surroundings. And one of the ways to defeat those assassins is to attack their weak points. You need to start your attack when they are open and unnoticed; the attacks will be made from behind. Players will need to really observe and study the map of each round really carefully because one of the conditions that you need to defeat the assassins is to attack them first. But you should remember one thing that they work in groups of many people, and you are alone. So before you can launch the attack, you will need to hide behind walls or obstacles to deliver the finishing blow to the opponent.


The game has added an entirely suitable graphic style to complement the intense and dramatic gameplay in each situation. The game’s graphics are developed in the most minimalistic way possible to focus on the battle and complete the mission. However, the graphics quality of the application will be very qualified, with the ability to display Full HD extremely sharp. In addition, you will also feel the care and thoughtfulness of the game developers when drawing and arranging the obstacles in the game. All obstacles, walls, or paths, and each round, have been carefully calculated by the creators. With each different round, you will also need to judge and perform the correct task based on the terrain of the round. Finding an action game will be easy, but owning a perfect action game will be very difficult. An ideal action game will need to have elements such as attractive gameplay, drama, challenges that must be really attractive, beautiful graphics. And all of the above requirements will be effortlessly solved by Hunter Assassin MOD APK. Join the game and get yourself some fantastic action situations!


In Hunter Assassin MOD APK, players will find other levels, and each has one goal: to defeat all the required targets. The needed number of targets is on the left side of the screen, and you will know the remaining targets that you need to kill quickly. At the same time, each enemy is equipped with a rifle and a flashlight to navigate in dark areas. The assassin’s ability is that he doesn’t need a flashlight and can take out his target quickly.

The targets you defeat will turn into gems right after, so you don’t have to worry too much about the gore scenes you have to face. At the same time, the area that the enemy’s flashlight can reach is limited compared to the perspective that the player owns. So, as long as the flashlight does not recognize you, you will not be attacked, and that is also why you should prioritize taking down enemies in front of the level. You can completely move quickly with ease in the environment.

What makes you stop at the level is that you are defeated after taking too much damage from the enemy. You will attack the enemy from the front, but it requires a quick attack, and you will also be injured soon after. At the same time, depending on the level of damage, the character’s color will gradually become red until defeated. In addition, the game gives you some bonus levels when all objectives are made of gems, and the number you can earn in this level will be much.


After completing a certain number of levels in Hunter Assassin MOD APK, you also have many gems yourself. One point that you will find is the randomization mechanism when opening a new character and when you use gems, you only need to wait a few minutes until the randomization is successful. Right after that, you will use Download by Google Play  the new character you just unlocked in the following levels. The game also offers many requirements for you to complete, and it opens up the opportunity to earn more gems for you.

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