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Name Hotstar Mod APK
ID in.startv.hotstar
Publisher Modapk
MOD Features Entertainment
Version 14.10.0
Size 41 MB
Price FREE

Hotstar MOD APK  is a very famous Indian live video streaming application which has millions of active users around the world. If you also don’t have time to watch TV because of workload, then don’t worry because this app has everything to entertain yourself. This streaming app has thousands of positive reviews by its users because people are fully satisfied with the quality and services of this app.

This app not only shows you movies or shows but it also has live TV channels for you which you can watch directly on your mobile device through hotstar application. Streaming servers provide the best video quality because developers of hotstar apps always maintain the quality of their app for the users. That’s why people have zero complaints about it. Watch all your favorite shows and movies on this app for free.

Hotstar is a fully optimized application with zero errors and issues. While using this application you will never face any lagging problem because it is a very light weight application and well optimized. User interface is also very unique and all options are easy to understand. That’s why anyone can use this app without any difficulty. The Hotstar app provides the best features so let’s have a look at them.

What is Hotstar APK?

Hotstar app is an online video streaming application which gives their user live TV channels, movies and different shows to watch. This app comes in standard versions on different app stores and websites. This version of hotstar is an easy and free download so you don’t have to pay to get this application. All free features and servers are available to use anytime because they are all free but there are some vip services too which hotstar offers which are paid. This version has ads too which you will see while using it.

What is Hotstar Mod APK vip unlock?

This is the modified version of hotstar application and this version has very interesting features which will amaze you. In this mod version you can even use vip services of hotstar for free because mod allows you to use everything free of cost. You don’t have to pay in the mod version so you can save your money. Great thing about the mod version is that you will never get disturbed by ads in it because it has no popups or video ads in it. You can watch everything without any interruptions.

Live TV Channels

Hotstar has hundreds of live TV channels like crime, sports, music, entertainment, news and many others which you can watch on this app. There is no time limitation in this app so you are free to watch as much as you want. With the hotstar app you can divert your mind from boredom because you will get so much to watch.

Movies and shows

Hotstar app is famous because it has all latest and old video content like movies, web series, documentaries and many other different content. You can easily watch any of your favorite movies or shows in this app with just one click. You will always get full high definition results from this app because good quality is the motive of hotstar.

Different categories

Everything in hotstar is well organized so you will never face any kind of problem while using this application. It has a whole portion of different categories like crime, war, romance, thriller, action, drama and many others. With this feature you can easily find any movie or show without any difficulty.


This feature is very useful because it allows you to cast hotstar apps with other smart devices like TV and tablets. With this unique option you can watch your favorite TV channels and shows on the big screen. To use this feature tap cast option then it will automatically detect other devices nearby. You just have to tap on any device you want to cast.

Live cricket matches

hotstar app also known for cricket matches because this live streaming app gives complete coverage of all cricket matches. You can watch cricket without any disturbance only on hotstar. So if you are also a lover of cricket sport then hotstar application is just for you.

Free vip servers

Hotstar app has some vip servers which provide the best video quality result without any lagging issues but in the standard version all these servers are paid so you have to pay for them. But if you want to save your money then download this application in mod version then you can use all vip servers for free.

No pop ups and video ads

While watching movies and TV shows ads are always irritating but now in the mod version you will never get disturbed by ads because this version doesn’t contain ads. So if you also want a hotstar app without ads then get this app in the mod version and enjoy watching shows without ads.

Creative Smart Search

Disney Hotstar offers you its great and appealing smart search option where you go and discover your very own favorite content and it has been fully optimized to minimize the complicatedness and pause in the access of your content. If you’re searching accurately, Disney Hotstar’s fast processor suggests automatically by navigating your search. Due to this awesome feature of this application, it’s trending and boosting rapidly all over the social network.

Free to watch.

With this eye-catching service, you can download your choice of music, shows, movies, and sports absolutely free. The Disney Hotstar isn’t free but you can get its mod version to stream free from our site. Yes, you don’t have to waste any money. It never asks for any odd payment or anything like that. You can make your videos offline and watch them later in your spare time in whatever format you to watch it allows you to watch videos in 1080p and 4k too. How cool it is that you can watch so many videos in 9 other languages. So stop wasting your time and get your Disney Hotstar now.

Safe and Secure

Most people get afraid for the devices that some software and applications would harm their devices because numerous application isn’t cautious and secure all the time. But Disney Hotstar is not harmful to your device you can use it carefree no need to worry about any cyberbullying because it won’t ask for any weird or unusual access to your phone. It is proved because people have checked Disney Hotstar on so many different anti-viruses, so be chill it’s fully safe and secure to download.

Features of Hotstar Mod APK

Hotstar Mod APK is the most searched application on Google, running on the most trend today. Now you don’t have to go to another website somewhere.

You will be able to download such posts from here. Hotstar Mod is downloading apps and getting facilities for free as you can get premium services and the Hotstar Premium Mod version.

  • When you use this app, you will find a TV channel. You will have been given a lot of TV channel options. They can view the program by clicking on one track, which will get you more than 14 channels.
  • In this Hotstar Mod APK version, you will get a lot of movie options that you can use to find Bollywood and Hollywood movie categories. It will have movies of different types, which you can use as per your will. This Hotstar is available in 16 to 19 languages. Hindi, English, Tamil, Bengali, and Telugu are available in such a language. It has a comedy family and a variety of movies available.
  • Hotstar’s highest use is happening in India today, and most of it’s being used to watch support, i.e., live sports streaming. Everyone who is managing a cricket match by live streaming.
  • Similarly, it has given a lot of categories, as is the type of news and drama. Who will be able to see easily by choosing according to their will?
  • It has the best option to do live streaming by choosing tv shows like Video and audio film; sometimes, you can watch videos online.
  • If you click the Fwd button, you will get the information and run it in tablet mode.
  • If you watch any video or live TV serial online, you won’t be showing any ads inside the Hotstar mod apk because the advertisement has been blocked.
  • You will get unlimited features, such as making infinite adjustments.
  • Extreme audio can also be in 320kbps, which can unlock.
  • If you use it, you won’t see a lot of the premium that comes in the free version. You will not see any premium options because all the excellent options have been unlocked. Meaning everyone has been opened.
  • You can quickly run any artist, album, or playlist in shuffle mode.
  • If you use it, you can also run it in high-quality HD 4K


Live TV channels
Latest and old movies
Live cricket matches
huge media library
cast with different devices
HD video quality
Different languages
Optimized app
Easy to use


Contains Ads
Paid vip servers


Hotstar is a very good time pass app which gives you multiple content to watch like movies, shows, TV channels and many other video content. That’s why it will never bore you because it is a complete entertainment package.

This app is recommended for those who need fun and entertainment in their life. Download hotstar from our website by clicking the download button. Also share your awesome experience about this app in the comment section.


Q. How to get vip servers of Hotstar Mod APK for free?

Mod version of hotstar app gives you complete access over all vip servers for free so if you want free servers then download this live streaming app in mod version.

Q. Is the mod version of the Hotstar APK safe to download?

Yes! The mod version of hotstar app is completely safe to download because there are no threats and errors in it, so feel safe to download the mod version.

Q. How can I get the mod version of Disney Hotstar?

The mod version of this application is available on our website, You can get the mod version of Disney Hotstar from our website.

Q. Is safe to download the mod version of Disney Hotstar?

Yes, you can freely download the mod version of Disney Hotstar without any worries, it’s completely safe and secure.

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