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GTA 5 Mod APK v0.7 (MOD, Port PC to Android)

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Name GTA 5 Mod APK
Publisher Action
MOD Features Action
Version 1.08
Size 4.1 GB
Price FREE
Requires Android Port PC to Android+

GTA 5 Mod APK is a worldwide famous game because it has amazing features which you can never get in other games. That’s why it has millions of active players who love to play this game. The Gta 5 game is launched by rockstars games on the internet. This action game has top ratings and reviews everywhere on the internet. One thing is for sure that you will never get bored from gta 5 because it is a full action packed game.

This game is an open world where you will see hundreds of awesome locations because it has a huge map. The Gta 5 game Rock Star Games  has the world’s most expensive cars which you can drive to go to different locations. This game is like a movie in which you will get complete control over your character so that you can anything. Be careful because this game has many bad people like mafia, gangsters, street gangs, thieves, criminals and many others which you have to face.

This is the mobile version of the gta 5 game which is fully optimized. That’s why it gives the best lag free experience but still it is a heavy game so try to run this game on a good updated smart device. User interface of this game is also good and friendly so you will never face any kind of problem while playing this game.

What is GTA 5 APK?

GTA 5 Mod APK means the standard version of this game which you can easily download from app stores and websites. This version of gta 5 is free to download so you don’t have to pay money to get this game on your device. In this version you will see video ads because they contain ads which will interrupt you.

Most features and items are free in this standard version but there are also some premium features and items which are completely paid. You have to purchase them with real money to get complete access. As this is the basic standard version of gta 5 so you have to play it to unlock new things.

What is GTA 5 Mod APK?

The Grand Theft Auto 5 game also comes in a modified version which is available on our website. Mod version of this game is also free to download and that’s not it because this version also offers you all paid items and features for free. You can use all these premium items free of cost because in the mod version you don’t have to pay.

Everything you use in this version will be free and you will get full access. Mod version of gta 5 also gives you unlimited money which means you can do anything with that money because it will never run out. While playing this action game in mod version you will never get disturbed by the ads.

Story Mode

GTA 5 Mod APK game has an improved story than the previous version one because the developers of this game have added new missions and characters which makes this game more interesting. In this story mode you will get so much fun and action because you will face many dangerous people in these missions.

GTA 5 story has many twists so you have to be smart enough to understand them all. Try to complete your missions in this game and you will get money and respect because that’s how you can make your name in this game. Play story mode and take full advantage of this game.

Hundreds of Missions

The Gta 5 game has hundreds of different missions which you can play while playing the story mode of this game. These missions will help you to raise your gaming level because that’s how you will be available to unlock new items and places where you can go to have fun.

But be careful because with each mission the difficulty level increases so you need really good gaming skills to complete this game. With the passage of time new missions will appear on the map which you can play to get extra money. Gta 5 missions are very important because it helps you to understand the storyline so that you can play better.

Cars And Heavy Bikes

In this action game you will get a big range of cars and heavy bikes that you may need for war purposes. There is no way that you can fight on your feet and never need a strong vehicle to help you transport from one place to another.

GTA 5 has so many cars and bikes that you can easily choose your one favorite for any kind of battle. As it’s the modified version of GTA, you can avail all of the bikes and cars for free without having to pay any amount of money to the developers.

3 Major Characters

This game is based on three main characters that you can set for your battles. There is not just one main lead in this game, but three of them in total. All of them have different strengths and selecting them will have a certain type of influence on your gaming progress.

Various Locations

There are various locations in this game too that you can use to have your battle. Such a large variety will definitely keep you hooked and hence you would love to play this game on your desired destinations.

Unlimited Money

Grand Theft Auto 5 is a big game because it has many things like cars, bikes, buildings, food items, clothes and many others which you can only buy with the money. In the standard version you have to play missions to earn money but sometimes it becomes very hard.

That’s why the mod version of this game is giving you unlimited money to buy anything in this game. You will get free money because you don’t have to pay in the mod version so you can enjoy all your money for free. So you don’t have to work hard in this game while having gta 5 in the mod version.

All Weapons and Unlimited Ammos

Weapons are very important in this game because it will help you to protect yourself from gangsters and police. In the standard version of this game you have to buy multiple weapons and ammos from an armor shop which takes a lot of money.

That’s why the mod version of gta 5 gives you a complete range of different weapons with unlimited ammos so you don’t have to be worried while playing this game in the modified version. You don’t need money or anything because the mod version gives you everything for free.

No Advertisements

In the mod version of grand theft auto 5 game there will be no ads like popups or video ads because this version doesn’t contain ads so you can play this game without any disturbance. No money required to get rid from ads because everything that you will get in the mod version will be completely free. So you can enjoy the whole game without any kind of interruptions.

Completely Unlocked Features

In the standard version of gta 5 you have to unlock new locations, buildings and many other items by playing missions. But in the modified version you don’t need to do anything because you will get the complete game unlocked. You can go anywhere because the whole game will be available.

You can use any item that you want in this game because everything will be unlocked. So you can easily play this game without any struggle and hard work.


Open word game
High definition 3D graphics
Best story mode
Different mini games to play
Fully optimized
Fully advanced weapons
Awesome cars and heavy bikes
Hundreds of different missions to play
Multiple locations
Detailed visual and sound effects
Friendly user interface


Have paid items
Need high end mobile device


Grand theft auto 5 is an awesome game to play because it has multiple gaming modes which you can play without any restrictions. You can become anything in this game. That’s why everything in this game depends on how you play it. Already millions of people around the world play this game on a daily basis.

If you have not played the Grand Theft Auto 5 game yet, then don’t worry because our website is providing the updated version of this game which you can download with just one click. Play gta 5 and share your experience with others in the comment section.

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Q. How to get unlimited health in GTA 5 Mod APK?

To get unlimited health in a gta 5 game you have to add cheat codes which you will get from the internet or you have to download this game in mod version then you will get unlimited health.

Q. Can I play GTA 5 Mod APK without the internet?

Yes! You can play the Grand Theft Auto 5 game without the internet anytime, anywhere. But it has some online modes too and for those modes you need internet connection.


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