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Name Granny chapter 2 Outwitt Mod Apk Download
ID com.dvloper.grannychaptertwo
Publisher Modapk
MOD Features Arcade
Version 1.1.9
Size 88.47 MB
Price FREE

Granny Chapter 2 Outwitt Mod Apk are games are available on the internet with different categories that you can play but today we are going to share a horror game with you which will give you goosebumps every single second. Granny chapter 2 is that game which is full of horror and suspense so you will get best gaming experience with fear from this game.

This game has been downloaded by more than 100 million people around the world which is why it is famous game on worldwide and people love to play this game. In this game you will be a haunted house where you will get 2 creepy old characters first one is male which is granny and second one is male who is grandpa in this game.

They will try to kill you so you have to save yourself from them otherwise you will lose your player’s life in this game. This game has best horror sound effects which will make you scared while playing. This horror game has best features so let’s have a look on them in detail.

What is granny chapter 2 Apk?

Granny chapter 2 is the second part of this game where you will see one more character which is grandpa who will hunt you with the granny so you have to dodge them while finding the clues. Apk means the simple version of this game which is free to download so you don’t have to buy this game from anywhere. This standard version contains ads that you will see while playing.

What is granny chapter 2 outwitt mod apk download?

This is the cracked version of this game where you will get some exciting features that simple version doesn’t offer that’s why people prefer granny chapter 2 game in mod version. You will never get killed while playing this game in mod version because you will get god mode so now you don’t need to be worried about anything as your character will never die. You will get unlimited ammos to use.

Be aware from granny

In this game you will get only five days to escape the house and if you lose all your chances then your game will be completely over. While searching for different clues in this game you will see that granny is chasing you so make sure to be safe from the granny because she will try to kill you. You need to be very active in this game while playing or she will catch you.

Find keys

While roaming in this house you will see that many doors are locked in this game so you need to find their keys. This is not an easy task because granny’s house is very haunted and you will face fear at every step which is why you need big heart to play this game. Collect all the keys from different places and open all doors then it will be easy for you to get more clues.

Search different clues

There are many clues in the house of granny that you have to find because these clues will help you to escape her house. Make sure to visit every room and search everything to get clues. Collect multiple items that you can use to open rooms and basement of the house. You can save these clues to match them with each other to get proper hint about next step.

Shoot granny and grandpa

Granny chapter 2 game has one more character which is grandpa and he is very cruel because he hits very hard. But you cannot kill them but you can fight with and for this purpose you need a gun which will be somewhere in her house so you have to find it. Get that gun and collect their ammos because that’s how you can shoot them.

Escape haunted house

It is mentioned above that you will get only 5 days to escape her house that’s why developers have added more new ways for escape that you can use. It has helicopter escape, boat escape and door that you can choose according to your gameplay. Try to escape the house within 5 days otherwise granny and grandpa will kill you.

God mode

In standard version if granny hits you then your game will be over because you will lose your health. But mod version of granny chapter 2 is giving you god mode where you will never lose your health even if you get hit by anyone you will never get killed. So if you also want this awesome gaming feature in this game then go with this modded version and get god mode in this horror game.

Unlimited ammos

You will also get unlimited ammos to shoot granny and grandpa in the modified version of this game. You don’t need to be worried about anything now because these ammos will never run out from your gun so you are free to shoot as much as you want. You will never get this feature in basic version but cracked version is giving all their players for free.

Everything unlocked

Granny chapter 2 game has many locked items in basic version that you have to unlock by playing it. But if you want to unlocked version of this game then download granny chapter 2 mod apk version. Only this version gives completely unlocked game where you don’t have to work hard.

No ads

Granny chapter 2 game supports ads in basic version Download Google Play but after having this modified version in your device you will never get interrupted as it doesn’t contain ads in this game. That’s why people choose this version when it comes to granny chapter 2 game because it gives awesome features that standard version never offers. You can easily this horror game without ads.


Granny chapter 2 is a best horror game on the internet with best ratings and reviews which is why it is recommended by thousands of people on the internet. If you thing that you are brave enough to escape the house of granny, then download this game from our website by following few simple steps. Play this game and prove your best surviving skills by escaping her haunted house.


Q. How to get god mode in granny chapter 2?

For this god mode you have to download the mod apk version of granny chapter 2 game then you will get this mode where you will never get killed.

Q. How to get unlimited ammos in granny chapter 2 for free?

Just download and install the cracked version of granny chapter 2 game then you will get unlimited ammos for free.

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