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Facebook MOD APK  Social apps have been proven to be very beneficial for people who do not want to hangout with strangers. Social apps are especially useful for the introverts who want to make new friends but don’t have the courage to. One of the most famous social apps is Facebook. Facebook was developed by Facebook which is now termed as Metaverse. Facebook is very famous among the youngsters nowadays and it has approximately 2.6 Billion users worldwide.

The Facebook app has many features that allows you to socialize with your friends in different ways. With the help of the Facebook app, you can share your thoughts with other people, you can join groups of any of your interest, you can also follow pages of your favourite celebrities and keep up with their daily activities. You can also go live with your friends and talk to them by chats. You can also upload your daily activities to your Facebook account and make as many friends as you want.

Facebook will also protect your privacy. Your display and posts will never be shared with strangers without your consent and if you want some of your private photos to be available only to your close friends then you can also apply this mode of privacy to your status.
Facebook has many interesting features that will never let you get Bored of it. If you want to know more about this social app then you can read our review.

What is Facebook APK?

Facebook Apk is a very brilliant social media application. The application has many features which the people can use and enjoy the best social media experience. There are many fans of Facebook who are so addicted to this application. The application allows the user to add different friends from the online community and also his real friends. It provides an excellent platform to the user to share his recent updates, statuses, photographs and videos on Facebook. The user can also update about his current location. It is overall a very amazing app because it has given lots of opportunities to the users to have the best social media activities.

What is Facebook Mod APK?

Facebook Mod Apk is a very popular version of the application which provides a number of advantages to the users. In the Mod version there are no advertisements which is a very powerful feature. The Mod version also provides unlimited followers to the users so that they can have amazing fun while operating the application. In the Mod version Facebook and messenger are also combined. The Mod version also allows the user to view someone’s story anonymously and also provides fingerprint and password locks. The dark mode is also enabled in the Mod version of the application. This is the reason that the Mod version is very much famous.

Why do we get suggestions while using Facebook?

The Facebook app will suggest you to add members to your account which you may know. These people appear in your suggestions because you may have a mutual friend with them or they may share the same location with you or you may have similar interests to them. The people that appear in the suggestions are updated regularly. It is not always true that you always get suggestions to your close people, you can also get suggestions for strangers.

Can I restrict people in my account to see my posts?

Yes, you can restrict your friends from seeing your post by adding your friends to the restricted list. The people in the restricted list will remain your friends but will not be able to watch or see your activities on your Facebook account. they will also not be able to see the post that you make everyday on your Facebook account.

Connecting with People

This application allows the users to connect with different people from all over the world and extend their social circles.


The application also notifies the user with different notifications that keep on coming and hence the user cannot miss any update. There is a separate tab located in the application for the notifications so that the user can view them anytime.


The users can also join different groups on the application according to their need and likings. There are many private and public groups available on the application so that the user can join them and have lots of fun with the people available there.

Sharing Files

The users can also share different files like photographs, videos, statuses and other links on this remarkable social media application. By uploading the media files on the application, the user can also share them with his friends and family members. This is a very nice feature which allows the user to share different pieces of information with his dear ones.

Playing Games

The users can also play different games solely and can also play these games with their friends on the application. The application allows the users to not only just socialize but also to play games and have the best level fun with their friends.

Lots of Pages

There are lots of pages available on the application which the user can view and find different perspectives and information available on the pages.

Find Reviews

While searching for different pages, the user can also find reviews regarding a particular page which can be of a restaurant or a brand. In this way the user can get to know the customers’ feedback regarding a certain business.

Share Feedback and Reviews

The user can also himself share his feedback and reviews on the application regarding his own experiences with certain brands.

Buying and Selling

The users can also buy and sell different products by using the “marketplace” feature of the application.


The application also shows memories to remind the user of different past activities.

Live Videos

The user can also enjoy live videos by using this application.

Dark Mode Enables

The dark mode gets enabled in the Mod version.

Unlimited Followers

The Mod version provides unlimited followers to the users.

No Ads

There are no advertisements in the Mod version of the application.

Features of the Facebook app

Make New Friends

Facebook is a social app that allows you to make new friends all around the globe. There is no restriction of any country or any region in the Facebook app. You can make friends that belong to any part of the world and have conversations with them. You can also make a small friends group on your account in which more than two people can interact with each other and share their thoughts.

Share your Daily Activities

Facebook is an App in which you can share your daily activities. For example, you can share which movie you are watching, which song you are listening and you can also share your pictures on the Facebook app and get cherishable comments from your friends.

Play Mini Games

Other then the regular features, Facebook also have many Mini games which you can play in your free time. You can also play with your friends in this game and see who has more skills over the other.

Join and Create Groups

Facebook app features many groups that are based on a different topics. For example, if you are interested in social working than you can join the group that is associated with social work. There are also many other members in the groups to which you can interract and put your humane thinking into practice. You can also create such groups and add members into it.

Expand your Business

The Facebook is a hub for many different activities. On the Facebook app, you can also promote your business and expand it. You can make pages regarding your business and share your website there. You can also buy and sell things on Facebook with the help of the different groups and pages.

Go Live with your Friends

This app allows you to go live with your Facebook friends. With the help of this feature you can interact with your friends and answer to their questions readily. You can also apply many filters to your live videos.


Facebook app provides you complete privacy, which means no one can have access to your personal information without your consent. People will only be able to see your posts when you accept their requests and you can also restrict your Facebook friends from seeing your post by adding them to the restricted list. You can also lock your profile so that no one would be able to save your profile picture.

Features of the Facebook MOD APK

Inbuilt Messenger

To chat in the standard version of Facebook app you will need to download another app which is named as Messenger . But with the help of the Facebook MOD APK, you will never need Messenger app because this modified version has an inbuild messenger. So in this way you will be able to enjoy all the features of the Messenger App without downloading it.

Save Videos

With the help of the Facebook MOD APK you can easily Download By Google Play saved the videos that appear on your feed.

No Sponsored Ads

The modified version of the Facebook app will allow you to block the sponsored ads and posts so that you don’t get disturbed while scrolling on Facebook.


Hence it is concluded that Facebook Mod Apk is a very nice and amazing application which provides hundreds of opportunities to the users in order to enjoy the best social media experience. The features of the applications are very unique and it is an umbrella application which caters all the needs of the users. This application is highly recommended for those people who love to do socializing. In case of any queries or feedback feel free to reach the comment section below.


Q. Is Facebook Mod Apk safe to download?

Yes, Facebook Mod Apk is very safe to download.

Q. Is Facebook Mod Apk free to download?

Yes, Facebook Mod Apk is absolutely free to download. there is no need to pay any charges at all.

Q. Can I block people on Facebook?

Yes, you can block any annoying profile on your Facebook account.

Q. Why do people lock their Facebook profile?

People lock their Facebook profile so that no one can have access to their profile without their consent and no one would be able to save their profile pictures.

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