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Name Facebook Lite MOD APK
ID com.facebook.lite
Publisher Modapk
MOD Features Social
Version 332.
Size 2 MB
Price FREE

Facebook Lite MOD APK is a worldwide famous social media platform which helps people to connect with each other. Facebook has billions of users from all over the world that’s why it is the top rated app all over the internet with millions of positive reviews. They have just introduced the lite version of facebook which requires less space. Facebook Lite has the same options and features as Facebook, so you can easily use the lite version of it.

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  • On FB lite you can post pictures and videos of yours with your friends and family members easily. You can make friends from anywhere around the world. Facebook is a complete world which helps to collect information because you will see many informative pages on it. This social media app also helps you to grow your business online while using their services. You can post ads for brands to reach maximum people.

    This version of facebook is very lite which means you can easily run this application on any smart device because it requires a small space of memory to install. Make your account on this platform and connect with the whole world with this application. There are many awesome features which Facebook Lite has so let’s check them out.

    What is Facebook APK?

    Facebook is a social media application which helps people to connect with each other from anywhere around the world. FB is a world where you will see millions of different pages because this platform is used by millions of people. You can share your own content on this app because there is no restriction on it.

    You can also make your page where you can share multiple things related to your stuff. Facebook helps people to grow their business by reaching maximum people. This is the main standard version of facebook which you can get from the app store and internet.

    What is Facebook Lite APK?

    Facebook Lite is the lighter version of facebook which means it is a small application which helps you to save space on your mobile. You can even use this FB lite in 2G conditions so if you have a weak internet connection then don’t worry because you can run this application. This lite version gives you the same features which facebook standards have. You can use all features without any problem with high speed. You can follow different pages for latest news and current events around the world.

    What is Facebook Lite Mod APK?

    Facebook Mod Apk is a very popular version of the application which provides a number of advantages to the users. In the Mod version there are no advertisements which is a very powerful feature. The Mod version also provides unlimited followers to the users so that they can have amazing fun while operating the application. In the Mod version Facebook and messenger are also combined. The Mod version also allows the user to view someone’s story anonymously and also provides fingerprint and password locks. The dark mode is also enabled in the Mod version of the application. This is the reason that the Mod version is very much famous.

    Why do we get suggestions while using Facebook?

    The Facebook app will suggest you to add members to your account which you may know. These people appear in your suggestions because you may have a mutual friend with them or they may share the same location with you or you may have similar interests to them. The people that appear in the suggestions are updated regularly. It is not always true that you always get suggestions to your close people, you can also get suggestions for strangers.

    Can I restrict people in my account to see my posts?

    Yes, you can restrict your friends from seeing your post by adding your friends to the restricted list. The people in the restricted list will remain your friends but will not be able to watch or see your activities on your Facebook account. they will also not be able to see the post that you make everyday on your Facebook account.

    Connect with the world

    Facebook is a well-known social media platform because it gives you an opportunity to connect with the world. For this purpose, you need an account on this app then you are ready to connect with any community. You can find all your favorite artist pages on Facebook Lite application.

    Find multiple news pages to get the latest news and happenings all the time. This social app helps you to find good people around you so you can send them friend requests. Make friends on this platform and share your pictures and videos with them.

    Make Friends

    This is the main feature of this social media app because with this you can make friends online. Connect with each other and talk with them through a chat box. You will see multiple in your list so you can send your favorite people request to make them your friends.

    There are no limitations so you can connect with anyone from anywhere around the globe. Share your funny and awesome moments with your FB family and friends. You can easily find your friends and family members by writing their names on the search bar.

    Share photo and videos

    Sharing photos and videos online has never been easy but now it is very easy because of facebook. With this application you can share videos and photos of yours without any problem. Get likes and comments from your friends and family members on your content.

    You can also see pictures from your friends on their profile. Share different content on your profile so people will see those things on your facebook timeline. You can also comment on different posts on facebook so other people will reply to your comments.

    Create your account

    To properly enjoy this awesome platform, you have to create your account with your information which will be secured by facebook. Make an account so your friends and family members can add you to their friends list.

    After making an account you will see millions of different pages like music, news, fun, events, celebrity’s pages and artist pages which you can follow to get updated. Facebook also sends you useful information according to your recommendation. Get notification every time when some posts something on their timeline from your friends.

    Fully optimized

    Facebook Lite is a fully optimized application that’s why it runs very smoothly on any smart device. This variant of facebook is made for low end mobile devices which are low in specifications. If you have low space in your device, then no worries because you can install Facebook Lite in your mobile with low space. It is a very light weight application so you don’t need a high end device to run this social application.

    Facebook has a search bar where you can search anything which facebook has on it. Find your favorite pages, people, locations, photos and videos by just writing names on it. You can find your friends and family members on facebook easily. Search bar is fully optimized and helps you to find things more quickly.

    Facebook Lite has a very unique user interface which has all options so you will easily understand everything about this application. Search all the following pages and people on this platform within seconds.

    Features of Facebook Lite APK

    The overall design is the same as the original Facebook Lite Apk app. It provides a simplified interface for some low-end devices where high-resolution photos and videos don’t load. The image and video sharing option is also available, but you can upload only up to 60 photos or videos on a single post.

    Share posts, articles, and links; update your status (no hashtags, of course); tag friends or any location in a bar or comment; send private messages to friends; etc. are all possible with Facebook Lite, which functions similarly to the Facebook app.

    Sharing photos and your favorite memes

    are caring, so we’re letting you post up to 60 photos or videos on a single post. You can also tag people in posts or comments and get notified when they respond

    Share your thoughts

    Write posts using the updated status composer and share text, GIFs, photos, videos, stickers, and links.

    Draw with emoji

    The updated camera lets you capture photos and videos within Facebook Lite. Just tap on the camera icon to take a picture or video and post it immediately.

    Post in a simple, fast-loading mobile format

    Now you can post updates using simplified formatting. You can do this by adding a location to your posts, or if you want to say more, you can add a comment too.

    Post status updates

    Facebook Lite lets you update your status and share posts using simplified formatting with a location or a link.

    Now you don’t need to use hashtags to find friends interested in the same things as you, with the introduction of hashtags to Facebook Lite.

    Trim video clips directly from your timeline

    You can trim a six-second video clip (without sound) directly from your timeline, like that movie you shot in third grade where you had a starring role.

    Updated camera design

    We’ve fine-tuned our mobile App, so it’s even faster to access your camera roll, choose a photo or video and post it to your timeline. Find and follow posts you care about: Discovering what’s happening with friends and interests on Facebook Lite is quick and easy.

    Now you can search specifically for status updates, links, or photos. For example, if you want to see all the posts from your friends about a new movie, search for #movie.

    Update your status and posts

    Write a post with text, links, photos, videos, and more.

    Tag friends in posts or comments

    Tag friends when posting a photo of the two of you together (you might want to include their names). Or tag friends in a comment on a picture of all your family members.

    Get notified when friends like and respond to posts

    You’ll get a notification when people interact with your posts so you can jump into conversations immediately.

    Share content with Data Saver

    If you have limited data, you can lower your data consumption by choosing any of the App’s options that reduce mobile data usage.

    In-app purchases

    All of the features mentioned above are free to use. We also offer in-app purchases if you want to access the more advanced editing tools from the camera and status composer. High-resolution photos and videos, while beautiful, can take up a lot of space on your device! If you’d like to save space, try turning on the Reduce Data Usage in your Facebook Lite settings.


    Fully optimized
    Make account
    Make friends online
    Grow your business
    Share videos and photos
    Get latest updates
    Connect with the world
    Easy to use


    Facebook Lite doesn’t have any disadvantages.

    Essential of Facebook Lite APK

    •  Buy and sell locally on Facebook Marketplace.
    • Check out more of what the Facebook Lite app has to offer
    • Go to the full Facebook app.
    • Send messages and see when friends are active
    • Go to the Home screen.
    • Open the Facebook app.
    • Save your favorite posts and express yourself with stickers.
    • Go to the Facebook app.
    • Go to the Facebook
    • No Ads
    • Videos don’t automatically play
    • Find friends and interests
    • Post status updates with photos, videos, links, and more.

    How to Download Facebook Lite APK

    Facebook Lite APK is a lighter version Download By google Play of the FB app. It’s designed to use fewer data and work on all connections, including 2G networks. The Lite version has fewer features than the standard Fb app, but it can still be used for messaging friends and posting status updates. This might be the answer if you’re looking to save some battery power or lower your monthly phone bill without giving up social media.


    Facebook Lite is a social media platform which helps people to connect with each other from anywhere in the world. If you have business, then you can grow your business because facebook gives you multiple options for this purpose. Make new friends and bring happiness in your life. You can chat with them or you can call them because facebook gives you these options too for talking online to your friends and family members.

    Facebook has billions of users that’s why this platform is highly recommended by millions of people. The complete and updated setup of Facebook Lite is available on our website which you can download by clicking the download button. Install this amazing app and connect with the world. Share your great feedback about this application with the other people in the comment box.


    Facebook Lite APK is a lighter, faster Fb version that uses fewer data. It’s designed for older phones or areas with slower connections. With this download, you can now access Fb on your Android phone without using up all your data plans! Read more about the features and how to install them below.

    Q. Why should I use Facebook Lite if I have the regular App installed on my phone?

    A. Facebook Lite is a streamlined version of the original App and uses far less data. If you’re having issues with the regular App or want to save space, Facebook Lite might be just what you need.

    Q. Why does the Facebook Lite app have fewer features?

    A. Facebook lite is designed to use fewer data and has a more straightforward design. For example, it doesn’t have video autoplay, games, or the ability to edit your profile. But it lets you share status updates, photos, and links and see when friends like and comment on your posts.

    Q. How do I uninstall Facebook Lite entirely?

    A. Facebook Lite can’t be uninstalled, just like regular apps on your phone. You’ll have to uninstall the original Facebook app first from your

    Q. Do I need to have a Facebook account to use Facebook lite?

    A. Yes, you will need a Facebook account to use Facebook Lite. You can create one from within the App if you don’t have one.

    Q. I’ve uninstalled Facebook, but I still see it in my apps menu. What should I do?

    A. Facebook is a built-in app in your menu, which means it’s an integrated part of your Android operating system. You will see Facebook listed even though you’ve uninstalled the App. You should be able to ‘disable’ Facebook like any other app in your settings, but remember to leave it enabled so that it doesn’t cause any problems.

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