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Name Elevate MOD APK
ID com.wonder&hl=en
Publisher Modapk
MOD Features Education
Version 5.75.0
Size 59.3 MB
Price FREE

Elevate MOD APK is an educational available on android for users to train their mind and provide it with the much needed exercise that provides it with a variety of benefits. This application is similar to the coach available for physical exercises but for the capacity of brain and enhances the concentration, communications skills, information processing ability as well as a variety of other skills of its users too

To develop the Elevate, the developer includes numerous games that players can apply to their real-life such as Reading, Listening, Speaking, Writing, and Math. Each of these skills is called Eloquence or Brevity. Usually, the exercise in other games may ask you to choose the best synonyms in a list. This seems to be helpful for people whose minds go blank sometimes. But, in one exercise of Elevate, you have to type them instead of selecting. There are also some highly practical exercises, including common spelling and grammar errors tests or sum estimation. Besides, you can check your listening skill through several audio passages. The game will become more challenging when you play it more. The game is also empirical when being invented with the Study Material feature, which requires you to unlock. This feature possesses many exciting skills that will be revealed in the following part. Additionally, Elevate Pro users can access unlimitedly to games, plays as well as analysis on their performance. Let’s start to find out more detail about this game!

Multiple Activities

There are above 35 activities included the app to enhance the cognitive abilities of a person by training their mind. This app is not just a learning app but also a gaming application as it includes games to teach the users various skills they require and enhance their listening, speaking, reading and writing through the platform virtually and very effectively.

Performance Statistics

This application has gone through multiple trials and experiments to be able to perform well. More than hundreds of researchers have worked on this application to develop algorithms that allows the users to enhance their capabilities. This application tracks all the performance of the users in a very detailed manner and saves it to create a perfect statistical report that allows the user to get their personalized workouts on a day to day basis.

Calendar and Difficulty

The adaptive difficulty feature of the application ensures that the challenges that the users are getting are challenging for them as they are customized as per the statistics of the users of app. There are workout calendars included to let the users keep track of their streaks, high scores and exercises in order to get motivation as well as periodic reminders are best to know that it is time to train brain and more.


The application is known for a very noble task that is brain training. When an application wants to develop vigorously, it needs to set up a separate program. The program in Elevate really touches the user’s heart because of its intelligence and modernity that makes the development process very powerful.

The application focuses on brain development as well as training an intelligent brain. More specifically, the application always focuses on developing in the form of high thinking. Users will experience exciting things related to the development process in order to receive good information.

There are many forms of training used in Elevate that every user should be aware of. There may be forms of memory training such as opening the same container or training your speaking ability by giving you a difficult challenge to overcome. Lots of fun forms and the point of them is to exercise your thinking ability.


Giving thinking puzzles is also one of the 40 interesting things mentioned in this application. Users want to exercise all abilities and not except thinking. Of course, each puzzle will have a different color so that it will be interesting for users. More specifically, there are many puzzles in the form of games for you to conquer most easily.


  • Increase your cognitive abilities such as attention, memory, processing speed, arithmetic accuracy, precision, and understanding by playing 40+ brain training games.
  • Track your own and other people’s progress in terms of performance. Once a week, you will get a report that highlights your most significant successes and potential prospects.
  • You may tailor the emphasis of your daily workouts to concentrate on the abilities you need to improve the most, and you can pick between three and five games to play.
  • In order to guarantee that your experience stays demanding, you should train your brain with workouts that get more difficult as you go.
  • Start a fitness streak and keep yourself motivated with over 150+ achievements to earn as you practice.

How to install Elevate

Step 1: First, make sure that previous versions of Elevate installed via Google Play or the App Store are removed from the device.

Step 2: Then, click on the APK link below the article to download the application.

Step 3: Next, click the Install button to install Elevate on your device.

Step 4: After the installation had completed, the application’s icon will appear on the home screen. And you just need to click on it to use this app right away.

Note: The way to download and install this application is relatively simple and does not cause new users too much difficulty.

Download Elevate MOD APK for Android

With all of the aforementioned functions, Elevate is truly a great “brain training” application for all users worldwide. It will help you stay active, flexible, and react quickly to any situation in life. If you are looking for an application that combines entertainment and exercise, Elevate will definitely be a choice not to be missed in the present. In addition, the exercises in this application will appear in easy to difficult levels to help users not feel bored when experienced regularly.


Q. What type of skills are increased in a person by using Elevate app?

This application improves the cognitive skills of a person as well as speaking, processing speed, memory, mathematics and attention spans.

Q. For how long is the trial period of Elevate?

The trial period of the application is of seven days and then the user will have to buy the application.

Q. What type of allowances does Elevate require from my device?

It does not require many permissions from an android devices, they require permission to run startups, receive and upload data on network as well as control vibrations and more.

Q. What is the interactive element involved in Elevate app?

This application has only digital purchases as its interactive element with the humans.



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