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Easy Notes MOD APK v1.1.52.1219 (VIP Unlocked) Latest Download (2023)

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Name Easy Notes Mod Apk
ID easynotes.notes.notepad.notebook.privatenotes.note
Publisher Modapk
MOD Features productivity
Size 31 MB
Price FREE

There are many applications that are available on the Internet that are providing excellent services to their users and giving them fabulous tools to use for their work.

Easy Notes Mod Apk is a great application in which you will be able to make notes in your Android devices. This is considered an upgrade application by a lot of people because it is providing so many attractive features to its users that they find it very interesting to make notes. In this application you can also add incredible colors in the notes and make them totally differentiated. There are many options for editing and if you want to make your notes more attractive and adorable then you can add useful editing features. The notes are very important and are made by lots of hard work so you should never compromise on their safety and you should protect them by creating a strong backup connection.

In Easy Notes Mod Apk you can also open the note of a specific date by using the fantastic calendar. So it will get very easy for you to quickly locate your notes as per the dates.

What is Easy Notes Apk?

In Easy Notes Apk you can make your notes much more attractive because when you will be having so many colorful choices then it will get so easy for you to differentiate the notes. You have to keep on making an interesting and awesome background behind your notes if you want to make them more fabulous to read. You can also save your data from getting stolen in this way because lots of hackers are available on the Internet that can hack your important data.

What is Easy Notes Mod Apk?

Easy Notes Mod Apk provides many free features and all the VIP features absolutely free to all the people using the modified version.

Is Easy Notes Mod Apk for handwritten notes?

Yes, Easy Notes Mod Apk is for handwritten notes.

Can I edit notes in Easy Notes Mod Apk?

Yes, you can edit notes in Easy Notes Mod Apk.

Can I put password on notes in Easy Notes Mod Apk?

Yes, you can put password on notes in Easy Notes Mod Apk.


Make Your Notes Anytime and Anywhere

You can make your notes anytime and anywhere you want and it will be totally dependent upon how you want to make your notes. Lots of people like to keep notes in this application as it provides a very colorful and professional interface.

Add Any Kind of Notes and Add Color and Do Editing

You can add any kind of notes and it will be dependent on you how you want to add notes in this application. You can also add handwritten notes which means that even if you have typed anything or you have written anything in your handwriting then still you can make your useful notes.

Add 100 Plus Colorful Backgrounds for Free

You can add up to 100 + coloring backgrounds in this awesome application as here in this wonderful application you will be able to add lots of interesting colorful backgrounds behind your notes.

Calendar View to Get the View of Notes

You can see your notes in a Calendar view as here you will find lots of notes visible to you. You will be seeing the complete list of notes in a very interesting way. The notes will be displayed and you will be able to differentiate between them.

Protect Notes by Password and Share Notes with Desired People

If you do not want to share your notes then you can also protect them by putting on a password. Only those people will be able to access your notes which know the password. You will be able to share your notes with your desired people and in this way your data will remain highly protected.

Create Backup for Protection of Notes

You can create a backup for the protection of your notes. If you want to keep your notes much safer than you should definitely create the backup the application will make your backup at your Google drive or any other safe place.

Mod Features

All VIP Features Available

All the VIP features will get unlocked in the modified version of the application.

Premium Unlocked

The premium features will get unlocked in the modified version for free on Google Play.


Easy Notes Mod Apk is a fabulous application in which you can make many notes and add colors to them to make them look so interesting and eye-catching. You will be able to protect your notes by putting a password and also you can keep a strong backup.


Q. Is Easy Notes Mod Apk free to download?

Yes, Easy Notes Mod Apk is absolutely free to download.

Q. Can I download Easy Notes Mod Apk on my android smartphone?

Yes, you can download Easy Notes Mod Apk on your android smartphone.

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