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Name Dr Driving Mod Apk
ID com.ansangha.drdriving
Publisher Modapk
MOD Features Racing
Version 1.69
Size 14.05MB
Price FREE

Everyone loves driving. There are many people who want to learn it. There are different games too. There are a variety of games on the internet. Also, there are many racing and driving games. Such games are loved by the people as it involves driving your own car through different cities and among different cars and vehicles.

Google Play Store has many such options for car racing games.But if you want to learn driving and want to know about your skills then there are also some games through which you can learn just by playing how to drive your car.

Among such games, Dr Driving Mod Apk is the main game which teaches how you can drive. There are different missions and tricks through which you can learn driving. It passes you through different missions on roads. You have to complete them with complete care and focus. Thus you can also learn about your skills and experience. This is a fun game which also gives you knowledge about cars and driving. So download it now from your Google Play Store. It has 100M+ downloads there. So download it now, play, learn and have fun!

What is Dr Driving Mod Apk?

Dr Driving Mod Apk is a famous driving game in which you drive your vehicle through different roads and missions. There are different missions which are assigned to you in this game. You have to complete them in order to have the next mission. There is a different difficulty level of each mission. It starts from easy to hard. These missions give you skills and experience to know about driving. You play as a Dr Driving Mod Apk in this game. Complete your missions and get rewards. Also, learn driving skills. So download it now from Google Play Store.

What is Dr Driving Mod APK?

The mod version of Dr Driving Mod Apk provides you many unlocked features. There are alot of unlimited coins in this game. You can also select your favorite vehicle whether it is a car or truck. All the premium features are Unlocked in this version. You can use them for free. Moreover, you can drive and learn without any disturbance of ads. There are no ads in this version. This is ads free. So download it now from Google Dr Driving Mod Apk and enjoy the free and unlocked fun of this game for free.

Easy to Play

This game is not tricky but yes it will teach you a lot. Its controls are very easy to handle. There are easy buttons to Control your car or any other vehicle on the road. There is a driving button through which you can move your car forward. There is also a star through which you can turn your car left or right. Just these two buttons are used to drive your car through different modes and obstacles. You have to drive with full focus in order to avoid failure.

Simple Graphics

This game has simple graphics. There is no complexity. There is a simple city with long buildings. You have to drive your car carefully without smashing and bombing your car with any other object

Different Vehicles

There are a variety of vehicles in this game. There may be cars, trucks and many other vehicles. Thus you can play according to your favorite vehicle or car. It provides you with a good variety.

Single Mode

You can play this game in a single mode. In this single mode, there is only one car and that one is yours. You have to drive through the city without hitting any other object or border. There is no other car. So you can learn as a beginner in this mode as there are no other cars in this mode.

Multiplayer Mode

You can also switch to multiplayer mode. In this mode, you can play with your friends and also other players throughout the world. In this mode, you have to race and drive among other cars. So you can learn more in this mode as it has other cars too and you learn many other things such as how to drive on the road when there are different other cars too.

Offline Playing

You can play this game offline. There is no need for an Internet connection. This game can be played offline. So you can play this game wherever you are and where there is no connection. But this is only for those conditions when you are playing in single mode or with other players. If you want to play with your friends then you will definitely need an internet connection to play with them.

Camera Views

There are different camera views in this game. You can play this game by tilting your phone. You can play this by steering. This one has two options. One is you can play as a whole steering view. Another is you can play in a street view, so you can also see the street and cars from up. You can also say it as a helicopter mode.

Different Routes for your Vehicles

There are different Routes in this game. You can either drive your car on a road or on a highway. You have to select according to your will and mood whether you want to drive straight or on a busy car road.

Unlimited Coins

This version provides you Unlimited Coins. You can do many things with these coins. You can buy different types of vehicles or cars. You can also upgrade your cars with different accessories and choices. There are different types of accessories that you can buy with these coins.

Unlocked Cars and Vehicles

There are different cars and vehicles in this version which are free to use. These are already unlocked in this version. You don’t have to wait to collect a lot of coins or to complete different missions to get them. You can use them whenever you want.

No Ads

There are no ads in this mod version. This is an ads free version. You can play and learn your driving and racing without ads.

Unlimited fuel and Other Accessories

This version provides you with unlimited fuel. Your car will not stop. Moreover, you will have different other accessories too which you can use to play your game with full fun and entertainment.

You want to challenge yourself through screen driving but do not want to experience it in real life; Dr Driving Mod Apk will help you realize that passion through the small screen with 3D simulations of the tracks will be the real choice. With this game, players will be participating in classic car races with extremely superstar opponents. If you are interested in this game,


Dr Driving Mod Apk is a game viral driving game all over the world. It is entirely free for everyone to experience. You can play both on your mobile phone or your computer without spending any money on game purchases. And you can play it anywhere you want. When participating in this game, there are no restrictive rules in this game. If you are a real rider with real-life experience, this game will not be a challenge. On the other hand, if you are a kid with no driving experience, this game can give you a whole new feeling when driving a car through the city. This accessible driving game differs from classic car games in which speed is key. It also doesn’t have any of the racing quests like other car emulators. Instead, it challenges you to drive well, find parking and manage traffic. Dr Driving Mod Apk works as a complement to actual driving. It provides


Dr Driving Mod Apk helps players learn to drive through missions. Some include navigating your way out of multi-story parking lots or driving through traffic zones for a limited amount of time. Other times, you will be assigned to different destinations with limited fuel. However, all missions value careful driving, obey traffic regulations and avoid collisions. Traffic police are everywhere in the game, ready to score tickets. Furthermore, collision will end your game. In this fight against friends mode, you can get free gold for completing quests before your opponent. In addition to that mode, there is a standard online match and a channel game mode. In this match, you need the channel number to start the game. When players participate in this game, they will become talented racer full of art.


SUD Inc develops Dr Driving Mod Apk, so almost all games are great, from the features to all the gameplay are varied. The game has features such as providing players with supercars to serve the competition, training players correctly. This game you can play without the internet, and you can play many quests and win rewards in the game without logging in or using an internet connection. Moreover, with the ability to link to social media accounts, players can play with their friends and compete. With over 20 vehicles to buy or rent, you can use them to navigate around and complete any task you need. Additionally, you can use its different game modes to test your mettle as a driver, and you can also watch and test your performance. In short, this speed racing game is awe-inspiring and the best on mobile devices. Coming to the game, you will be comfortable with your passion, learn together and learn to become a super famous car player.


If you are looking for a game through which you can spend your free time with full fun and also want to learn something then Dr Driving is a perfect game for you. This game has many features from which you can learn driving as a beginner and can kill your free time too. Thus download Dr Driving Google Play Store  and enjoy the car racing and driving in a real way.


Q. Is Dr Driving APK free to download?

Yes, this game is free to download. You can easily download Dr Driving from Google Play Store.

Q. Does Dr Driving Mod APK version provide free features?

Yes this version has everything unlocked and unlimited. You don’t have to spend money or time to get different things. You can use them as soon as you download the game. So enjoy this game with double features.

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