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Name Boxing Star MOD APK
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MOD Features Sports
Version 4.2.1
Size 98.57MB
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If you are a crazy person when it is about boxing and wants to do boxing with someone then I have something for you. I know you cannot do Boxing Star Mod Apk but no problem because now you can do virtual boxing.

This means that you can have fights with your friends through the game which I am going to introduce with you. The name of this game is Boxing Star Mod Apk.

In this game you can do your boxing fight with your friends and with other random boxing players. This is a uniquely designed game with 3D graphics. The game features are totally different from other boxing games.

What is Boxing Star Apk?

This is a famous boxing game which you can play to fulfill your passion. This game has two modes, one is  league mode and the other one is knockout mode.

Both are different from each other but both are equally hard to play. You can get experience of boxing by playing this game.

There are many people with whom you can fight. You can also choose your opponents by yourself.


What is Boxing Star Mod Apk?

This is an edited version of the original game in the form of a file. This mod version is for us to make our game easier.

This is why they provide us so many additional features as compared to the original version. The reason for their popularity is their most famous feature: unlimited money.Most of the people download this game just because of this.

Boxing experience

Boxing is such an interesting and hard game to play. You have to be fully trained to play this game and you need experience for boxing.

If you love boxing then I think this is your dream game because in this game you can learn so much from this game and you can also gain an authentic experience of Boxing from this game.

The experience is so important for all of us. This is why people prefer this game because this will give you a realistic experience for boxing.You can improve your boxing skills with the help of boxing stars.

Different modes

This game has variety in everything, even in games. This game gives you 2 modes for playing the game one is knockout mode and other one is league mode, I will explain to you both modes.

In the knockout mode the players will start playing and fight back to back until your Hp level becomes zero in the game.

You have to fight till the end because the one who fights till the end will win the game.

In the league mode you have to fight with one opponent for star points. You can also select your own opponent by yourself. Every league match will have 3 rounds and you have to knock the other person out in all three rounds.

The player who will not get up in 3 seconds will lose the game. They fight who has the highest HP left Will the winner in this mode.

All over look of characters

The fights you will win give you rewards and through this you can use the accessories of characters. In this game you can change the entire look of your character with the given outfits and accessories.

You can customize your characters in any look you like. Sometimes you get bored because by looking at only one look of the characters you can give the characters a totally changed and new look.

Daily missions and rewards

This game gives you daily missions to complete. This game has stressful missions which you cannot do easily.

You have to do so much hard work to win the game. The game has hard set challenges for you and they will come in front of you daily.

Also you will get rewards daily in the game from which you can do many things. There are also some special things in the rewards.

Easy interference

The game which is hard to control then people won’t even download because what will they try to understand the game or the pointless controls of the game? Obviously the game is why people look for easy games.

The games which are easy to play and trouble free to play ate the ones that people liked the most. This game also gives you easy controls for playing games.

Unlimited gold

In boxing stars gold is like gems. Just like gems, gold is hard to collect. This is a premium thing which we get in very less quantity and becomes hard when you start collecting them.

And if you want them in bulk then you have to buy this from real money. This is a premium thing which you can get for free in the Mod version.

You can buy gold as much as you want, no charge will apply on you. From gold you can buy premium items or the special items of the game. You can also raise the upper cut speed of players.

Unlimited health

As we all know how much health is important for us in this game. Health is the most sensitive part in the game. Once you lose all your health you will lose the game too.And in this game your health will decrease fastly. The more the health you have the more chances you have of winning the game.

If we have our health full then we will automatically get energy to fight more and more from the other players or you can say your opponents. In this case mpd version is so helpful for you because in this you can get health unlimited.

No matter how many punches you get or how many rounds you play your health will never come to an end because of the Mod version. So now you can also win the tournaments in the game.

One hit kill

This feature is the best feature of boxing stars mod apk. If the fight gets worse or you think that your opponent is way much better than you and you will definitely lose the fight for these situations the Mod version has given us an option which is called one hit kill.

In this feature we can kill our opponent only with one hit. Which means a single punch is enough to kill your opponents.

You don’t have to choose this option, this option will automatically get enabled in the game by the control center of the game.


You all have knowledge about premium items, that there are some items that we have to buy in real cash. Which means we have to pay for those items in real life.

But in this mod version of boxing stars mod apk you can buy everything for free. You can do your shopping for free.You can buy various items from this feature. You can also buy the weapons and accessories of your character for free.


Boxing Stars Mod Apk is the best game  Download By Google Play for boxing lovers. It is like your boxing dream has come true through the game. You can learn many things about boxing by playing this game.

This game is for free and the Mod version has so many unique features available for their users. You have to do fights with other fighters in this game.


Q. Is Boxing stars tar Mod Apk a Multiplayer game?

Yes, you can play this game with your friends.

Q. Can we play boxing star for free?

Yes you can play this game for free but there are some items that are premium and you have to make payment to use them.

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